3640. Bygod (Beget)13 Eggleston (James14) was born 1586/87 and was baptized February 20, 1587 at Settrington, Yorkshire, England. He died September 1,1674 at Windsor, Connecticut at the age of 88. His father was James Eggleston, his mother's origins are somewhat uncertain. See article THE MOTHER OF BYGOD EGGLESTON OF WINDSOR, CONNECTICUT by Rosalie Eggleston, Ph.D., and Linda Eggleston McBroom for an in depth discussion of who she might be, and the possible origin of Bygod's unusual first name.

Bygod, a probable passenger of the ship "Mary & John," which sailed from England just a few days ahead of The Winthrop Fleet 0f 1630 . He first settled in Dorchester, Massachusetts in 1630 and was one of the founders of Windsor, Connecticut in 1635. He brought to the colonies with him three sons, James, John and Samuel. A daughter Mary, another son James, and his first wife, are assumed to have died before Bygod left England and little else is known about them.

He married again, Mary, and again, her surname** is unknown. Together they had seven children; Thomas, Mercy (Marcy), Sarah, Rebecca (Deborah), Abigail, Joseph and Benjamin. Bygod was fined 20 shillings in 1645 for "bequeathing his wife to a young man." The young man, a George Tuckye, was fined 40 shillings, but he took off and didn't pay.

Bygod survived his second wife as well, and married for a third and final time. Once again, her name is unknown. No known children came of this marriage.

He had at least 63 grandchildren and 144 great-grandchildren.

The will of Bygod Eggleston.

For more info on the Winthrop Fleet visit the Winthrop Society AOL Home Page http://members.aol.com/winthropsq/society.htm *There are various spellings his first name in the records: Bygod, Bigot, Bigod, Baggett, Bagot, Begat. He was baptized Bygod, he signed his name Bigod and his will was Begat. ItŐs been speculated that his fellow Puritans found the name Bygod a teensy bit blasphemous, hence some of the alternative spellings.

* * There's a great deal of speculation as to who Bygod's wives might have been, Mary Talcott is often named as one of them, however little hard information has come to light to support this guess. Who these women were remains one of the mysteries surrounding Bygod's life. Maybe somewhere there's a dusty old document that will one day solve this one for all of us.

This information comes from Myke Egleston's fantastic site at http://hometown.aol.com/MREgleston/index.html

Bygod (Beget) Eggleston and his first wife had the following children:

child 3639 i. James Eggleston was born 14 APR 1612, St. Margaret's, Norwich, Norfolk, England. He died 20 AUG 1613, Norwich, Norfolk, England.

child 3640 ii. Mary Eggleston b. 1613, England

child 3641 ii. James Eggleston b. BET 1618 AND 1620, Norwich, Norfolk, England Death: 17 DEC 1679, Windsor, Ct.

child 3642 ii. Samuel Eggleston b. ABT 1620, England

Bygod (Beget) Eggleston and Mary ____ had the following children:

child 3643 i. Thomas Eggleston was born in Windsor, Hartford, CT 26 August 1638.

child 3645 v. Marcy (Mary) Eggleston was born in Windsor, Hartford, CT 29 May 1641. Marcy died 8 December 1657 in Windsor, Hartford, CT, at 16 years of age.

child 3646 vi. Sarah Eggleston was born in Windsor, Hartford, CT 28 March 1643. Sarah died 15 July 1713 in Simsbury, Hartford, CT, at 70 years of age. She married John Pettibone 16 February 1664 in Windsor, Hrtfrd, Cn.

child + 2215 ix. Abigail Eggleston was born 12 June 1648.

child 3649 x. Joseph Eggleston was born in Windsor, Hartford, CT 30 March 1651.

child 3650 xi. Benjamin Eggleston was born in Windsor, Hartford, CT 18 December 1653. Benjamin died 16 December 1729 in Windsor, Hartford, CT, at 75 years of age. He married twice. He married Hannah Osborn 6 March 1678 in Near Windsor, Connecticut. Hannah was born 18 December 1657 in Windsor, Hartford, CT. Hannah was the daughter of John Osborn and Anne Oldage. Hannah died in Windsor, Hartford, CT. He married Mary Dible 2 December 1708.

child 3651 xii. Rebecca Eggleston was born 8 DEC 1664, Windsor, Ct .

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