5155. Roger14 Brownson, eldest known child of John Brownson, was baptized at Earl's Colne 15 Sept. 1576, and died at Aldham, Essex, between 4 Aug. 1635 and 22 Oct 1635. He married, first, at Lamarsh, Essex, 12 May 1600, Mary Underwood, baptized at Lamarsh 2 Feb. 1575/6, buried at Earl's Colne18 March 1622/3, having perhaps died at the birth of her daughter Mary. Mary Underwood was a daughter of John Underwood of Lamarsh, of whom no more is presently known. Roger Brownson married, secondly, at an unknown place and date, Margaret ( _____ ) Brewer, widow, who survived him. Roger Brownson's second marriage is not in the Boyd Marriage Index at the Library of the Society of Genealogists, London. In 1610, Roger Brownson was admitted to a reversion of 3 acres of land called Chalkeney Crofts, and he paid a fine of 1-06-08. In 1619, Roger Brownson and Mary his wife were admitted to the house called "Humpherys," and the garden adjoining, and paid for fine 2-15-00. In 1623, Roger Brownson was admitted to "the House uppon the west in Chiffin Lane that he hath estate in only for life, then it is the Lds, and he paid for fine 3-00-00" [Manor of Colne Priory, Register of Admission Fines from 1610, Notes of Fines made by Richard Harlakenden, D/DPr. 100 Essex County Register Office, Chelmsford. In the 1623 entry the phrase "then it is the Lds" meant that after Roger Brownson's death, the property in Chiffin Lane would revert back to the lord of the manor, that is, Richard Harlakenden himself. How "Chalkeney Croft" was transferred from Roger Brownson to his brother John (1580-1638) is not explained in the existing manorial court rolls]. The will of "Roger Brownson of Aldham in the County of Essex, taylor," was dated 4 Aug. 1635. "To Margeret my wife, 6, furniture, and all that was hers before marriage. To my daughter in law [stepdaughter] Mary Brewer, 20s. To Edith my daughter, wife of John Evered of Cogshall, 3. To Susan, daughter of John Evered of Cogshall [Cogshall, co. Essex], my grandchild, 20s. at her age of 21 or marriage. To my two sons John and Richard Brownson and to my daughter, 12d. each if ever they come to demand the same. Residue to Cornelius Brownson my son, he to be executor." Signed by mark. Witnesses: William Adams, John Brownson. Proved at Colchester 22 Oct. 1635 by Cornelius Brownson, the executor named [Commissary Court of London for Essex and Herts, D/ABW.53/47, Essex County Record Office, Chelmsford]. Most of Essex was deeply Puritan in religion in the 1630's, and the terms of Roger Brownson's will should not be taken to imply that he disapproved of the departure of his children John, Richard, and Mary for New England. It is highly probable that he made some financial settlement on them before they left Earl's Colne, and that this helped to pay for their passage. The bequest of 12d. to each of them was merely a legal device, to prevent dispute about the validity of the will.

Roger Bronson and Mary Underwood had the following children:

child 5156 i. Roger13 Brownsonr, bapt. at Lamarsh 12 July 1601; presumably died in infancy

child + 3575 ii. John Brunsonbapt. At Lamarsh 21 Sept. 1602; d. 1680 .

child 5157 iii. Edith Bronson bapt. At Earl's Colne 13 Jan. 1604/5, living 1 Mar. 1664/5 when the will of her sister-in-law Martha (Goulson or Gulston) Brownson was made; m. at Chappel, Essex, in 1627, John Evered or Everett, of Cognershall, Essex. They had a daughter Susan, mentioned in the will of her grandfather Roger Brownson in 1635, and in that of her uncle Cornelius. The will of Martha (Goulson or Gulston) Brownson contained bequests not only "to my sister Everitt, but also "to her two daughters." It should be noted that Richard Everett of Dedham, Mass., is supposed to have come from Essex, though no proof of this has yet been found (Edward Franklin Everett, Descendants of Richard Everett, Boston, 1902, p. 9)

child 5158 iv. Cornelius Brownson bapt. At Earl's Colne 18 Feb. 1609/10, bur. there 8 March 1656/7. He was the executor and residuary legatee of his father in 1635. He m. at Earl's Colne, 26 Apr. 1636, Martha Goulson or Gulston, who was bur. at Earl's Colne 24 May 1665; no issue. The notes of Fines by Richard Harlakenden state that "in 1636 Cornelius Brownson was admitted after the death of his father to a House called Humfres and a croft called Chalkeney Croft, and it was worth 3 p. annum, and I (Harlakenden) tooke of him for his fine because a servant butt 3. And presently he surrendered to Martha Gulson, that should be his wife, after his decease, and I gave her the fine because she had bine a very antient servaunt" (D/DPr. 100, Essex County Record Office). The will of Cornelius Brownson, of Earl's Colne, Essex, labourer, was dated 19 Jan. 1656 (1656/7). He appointed as trustees Richard Harlakenden the younger and Edward Elliston, gentlemen, and Ralph Josselin of Colne aforesaid, to sell within three months of 'my wife Martha's decease, my copy-hold house called Humfreys and a croft of land adjoining it called Chalkney, both held by me of the manor of Colne Priory. The money arising therefrom to be distributed as follows: To my brother Richard Brownson and his heirs, 5. To my sister Mary and her heirs, 40s. To my cosins (i.e. nieces) Susan and Martha Everitt and their heirs, 40s. each. Residue of money to my brother John Brownson and his heirs. All my goods, money, etc., to Martha my wife for her life, she to pay my debts and funerall expenses, and to be sole executrix." Signed by mark. Witnesses: Ralph Josselin, Henry Hutton, Thomas (ap) Giles Owen (by mark). Proved at Kelvedon, Essex, 13 March 1656 (1656/7) by Martha Brownson, the relict and executrix named. (Archdeaconry Court of Colchester, D/ACW. 17/56.) The will of Martha Brownson of Earl's Colne, widow, was dated 1 March 1664/5, "To William Harlakenden, Esq., of Earl's Colne, furniture. To Mrs. Owens, linen glass and furniture. To her maid, furniture. To Mr. Josseling, a screen. To cosen John Gulston, 40s., and to his brother , 40s. To cosen Christmas, 20s. and clothes to her two daughters, 10s. each. To cosen Gulston and her sister, 20s., and to her maid Ann Hutton, 40s. To my sister Everitt, 20s., and to her two daughters, 10s. each. To Goodman Peak, 5s. Executor, the aforesaid William Harlakenden. Any remainder to my cosen Gulston. Signed by mark. Proved 5 June 1665 by William Harlakenden, the executor named. (Archdeaconry Court of Colchester, D/ACW. 17/80.)

child 5159 v. Alice Bronson bapt. at Earl's Colne 22 Aug. 1612, bur. there 30 Aug. 1612.

child 5160 vi. Richard Brownson bapt. at Earl's Colne 23 July 1615.

child 5161 vii. Elizabeth Bronson bapt. at Earl's Colne 23 March 1617/18, bur. 24 May 1618.

child 5162 viii. Mary Bronson was born in Chelmsford, Essex, England 1622/1623. Mary died 1670 in Hartford, Hartford, CT, at 47 years of age. She married She married Nicholas Disborough 1 March 1640 in Hartford, Hartford, Conn.

This information came from Paul Bronson's excellent site

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