4634. John13 Ramsdell was born in England 1602. John died 27 October 1688 in Topfield, Essex, MA, at 86 years of age.

He married Priscilla 1640 in Lynn, Essex, MA. Priscilla was born about 1604 in England. John was among the first settlers of Lynn, Massachusetts, arriving in Boston in the summer of 1632 with the Winthrop Fleet and going shortly to Lynn. He was an indentured servant of Captain Nathaniel Turner and was probably unmarried when he emigrated. On 30 April 1657, John Ramsdell "age 55" deposed at Salem Court that "twenty five years ago, when he was a servant of Captain Turner, his master and other inhabitants of Lynn, before it was a town, fenced in Nahant" (Records and files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County) John was a husbandman or farmer, owning property in the "Rumney Marsh" area of the part of Lynn that is now Saugus. As early as 1641, John was serving as a juror for both the General Court and on the Grand Jury. He was called as a witness in a number of cases. One of particular interest was the case against "Robert Burgis of Lin" for "bad and course grinding of both English and Indian corn". On 25 June 1650, John Ramsdell and Jenkin Davis were sworn as constables for Lynn.

John Ramsdell and Priscilla had the following children:

child 4635 i. Priscillah12 Ramsdell was born in Lynn, Essex, MA about 1640. She married James Adams 7 May 1662 in Lynn, Essex, MA. James was born about 1640. James died 3 December 1707 at 67 years of age. Priscillah and seven of her children were still alive in 1707 when James died.

child + 3082 ii. Isaac Ramsdell was born 1641.

child 4636 iii. Hannah Ramsdell was born in Lynn, Essex, MA about 1642. She married John Mason 11 December 1662 in Concord, Middlesex, MA. John was born about 1638 in MA. John died 10 March 1666/1667 in Concord, Middlesex, MA, at 28 years of age.

child 4637 iv. John Ramsdell was born in Lynn, Essex, MA 1647. John died 23 February 1714/1715 in Boxford, Essex, MA, at 67 years of age. He married Elizabeth Perkins 31 May 1671 in Boxford, Essex, MA. Elizabeth was born 18 June 1643 in Weymouth, Essex, MA. Elizabeth was the daughter of William Perkins Rev. and Elizabeth Wooten. John Ramsdell first appeared in the village of Boxford about 1671, around the time of his marriage. He was perhaps interested in the iron works, and came from Lynn with Henry Leonard, to assist him in carrying the works on. John Ramsdell died intestate, and on the 11th of April 1715, his widow and children signed an agreement for settlement of his estate. An inventory of the estate, taken 8 March 1715, by Josiah Perkins and John Gould, included 2 cows, 3 swine, beds, bedding, table linens, cloths, cloth and yarn, money, furniture, loom, books, etc. house and about 12 acres of land. Total value was given as 53 pounds, 18 shillings.

child 4638 v. Aquilla Ramsdell was born in Lynn, Essex, MA January 1652. Aquilla died after February 1718 in Lynn, Essex, MA. He married twice. He married Hannah about 1672 in Lynn, Essex, MA. Hannah was born about 1652. Hannah died 10 November 1688 in Lynn, Essex, MA, at 36 years of age. He married Lidia 1689 in Lynn, Essex, MA. Lidia was born about 1669. Aquilla was a husbandman or farmer. He took the Oath of Fidelity with his brother Isaac and others, sworn by Capt. Thomas Marshall of Lynn by order of the General Court, on 26 February 1677. During King Philip's War, He was paid 1 pound 1 shilling for service on 24 November 1676 and was on the list of soldiers from Lynn who were granted land at Narragansett #3, Souhegan West, now Amherst, New Hampshire. His son Benjamin was listed as the claimant, owing to the proprietors 2 pounds 10 shillings, and also 6 shillings toward the meeting house.

child 4639 vi. Elizabeth Ramsdell was born in Lynn, Essex, MA about 1654. She married John Shaw 12 June 1674 in Malden, Worcester, MA. John was born about 1650 in MA.

child 4640 vii. Jonathan Ramsdell was born in Lynn, Essex, MA 31 March 1657. Jonathan died October 1658 in Lynn, Essex, MA, at 1 year of age.

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