432. Remember Ingraham8 Gage (Benjamin9, John10, Thomas11, Thomas12, Thomas13) was born in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA 1 March 1775. Remember I. Gage died 9/26/1820 and is buried in Mineral Springs Cemetery, Pawtucket, RI.

He married Elizabeth Bucklin. Elizabeth was born 10 October 1772 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA. Elizabeth was the daughter of Nehemiah Bucklin and Anna (Nancy) Bowen. Elizabeth died 1 May 1853 in Pawtucket, Providence, RI, at 80 years of age and is buried in Mineral Springs Cemetery, Pawtucket, RI.

Clyde Van Tassell Gage's book, Thomas Gage of Yarmouth, Mass. and his descendants; An historical, genealogical and biographical record, was wrong. He listed Remember as female and that SHE married Nicholas Goff. As it turned out, it was just a typo. Remember's sister Betty married Nicholas. In "The History of Pawtucket, Reminiscences 1853-1864" by Rev David Benedict, compiled 1986, pg 310; "Elizabeth, daughter of Nehemiah Bucklin, married Remember Gage....." . There are other references on pg 86 of the index (separate book) to "Gage, Elizabeth - Mrs.-------- (Bucklin) Gage; daughter of Nehemiah Bucklin" then "Gage, Remember - husband of Elizabeth Bucklin". Remember died before 13 Oct 1824 when Elizabeth Gage was listed as head of family in the membership rolls at st. Pauls Episcopal Church in North Providence, RI.. They also had a dau, Acenath b. 1817 RI and Mary Elizabeth b. 1811, who died 5/15/1822. Here is a text copy of some of my Gage research in Rhode Island.

Remember Ingraham Gage and Elizabeth Bucklin had the following children:

child + 252 i. Leiela Loraine was born 3 July 1797 in North Providence, RI..[Arnold's Rhode Island Vital Records, Vol. 5-1, V. 40, pg 98]

child + 253 i. Lemuel7 Gage was born about 1800. [Family Records]

child + 252 i. Mary Elizabeth b. 1811, who died 5/15/1822.

child + 252 i. Acenath b. 1817 RI. She married Chauncy Wakefield on 21 June, 1836. [Arnold's Vital Records, Pawtucket Vital Records, Vol. 10, Pgs 17, 49 & 317]

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