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Index P


Pabodie, Sarah (marriage to John Cole) (i11994)


Page, Abigail (marriage to Silas Wilder) (i28315), b.1768-d.1857
Page, Christopher (i18987), b.1638-
Page, Edward (i19021), b.1609-d.1641
Page, Ellen S. (marriage to John C. Pierce) (i15100), b.1831-
Page, George (i18989), b.1642-d.1686
Page, John (marriage to Phoebe Paine) (i3038), b.1586-d.1676
Page, John (marriage to Sarah Davis) (i15475)
Page, Joseph (marriage to Judith Guile_Gile) (i15445)
Page, Katherine (i18986), b.1635-
Page, Mary (i18952), b.1635-
Page, Mary (marriage to Anthony Littlefield) (i18952), b.1635-
Page, Mrs. Elizabeth (i18984), b.1608-
Page, Mrs. Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Page) (i18984), b.1608-
Page, Nathaniel (marriage to Abigail Wheaden) (i3292)
Page, Phoebe (marriage to James Cutler) (i19294)
Page, Susan (i19020), b.1607-
Page, Sylvester (i18988), b.1640-
Page, Thomas (i18983), b.1604-d.1645
Page, Thomas (i18985), b.1635-
Page, Thomas (i19018), b.1582-
Page, Thomas (marriage to An Lydes) (i19018), b.1582-
Page, Thomas (marriage to Mary Littlefield) (i19091)
Page, Thomas (marriage to Mrs. Elizabeth Page) (i18983), b.1604-d.1645


Page_or_Paiqe, Phobe (marriage to Sarah Cutler) (i19305)


Paget (marriage to Mary Lloyd) (i7470)


Paine, Dorcas (marriage to David Adams) (i15122)
Paine, Elizabeth (i2941), b.1586-d.1676
Paine, Elizabeth (marriage to Henry Adams Lt) (i1419)
Paine, Mercy (Paine) (i2870), b.1645-d.1693
Paine, Mercy (Paine) (marriage to John Frost) (i2870), b.1645-d.1693
Paine, Phoebe (i2947), b.1594-d.1677
Paine, Thomas (marriage to Mary Snow) (i14031)
Paine, Thomas (marriage to Mary Snow) (i14032)


Palmer, Ephraim (marriage to Sarah Messenger) (i10694)
Palmer, Sylvia (marriage to Silas Ramsdale) (i27976), b.1781-d.1850


Pantry, John (marriage to Hannah Tuttle) (i4089)
Pantry, John (marriage to Hannah Tuttle) (i4084)
Pantry, John (marriage to Hannah Tuttle) (i4085)


Papham, Katherine (i7288), b.1540-
Papham, Katherine (marriage to William Poole) (i7288), b.1540-


Parchment, Lydia (marriage to William Brown) (i13007)


Pardee, Anthony (i18658), b.1591-
Pardee, Anthony (marriage to Anstice Cox) (i18658), b.1591-
Pardee, Daniel (i18331), b.1780-
Pardee, Ebenezer (i18328), b.1789-
Pardee, Elizabeth (marriage to John Olmsted) (i5519)
Pardee, George (i18969), b.1623-d.1700
Pardee, George (marriage to Catherine Lane) (i18969), b.1623-d.1700
Pardee, George (marriage to Martha Miles) (i16882), b.1630-
Pardee, H. S. (marriage to Almyra Beach) (i18689), b.1817-
Pardee, Isaac (i18274), b.1784-d.1850
Pardee, Joseph (i18690), b.1664-d.1742
Pardee, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Payne) (i18690), b.1664-d.1742
Pardee, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Yale) (i7424)
Pardee, Lydia (i18333), b.1778-
Pardee, Rachel (i18028), b.1786-d.1838
Pardee, Rachel (marriage to Hezekiah Porter) (i18028), b.1786-d.1838
Pardee, Samuel (i18334), b.1776-d.1793
Pardee, Samuel (i18893), b.1718-d.1791
Pardee, Samuel (marriage to Lydia Smith) (i18893), b.1718-d.1791
Pardee, Sarah (i18330), b.1786-d.1838


Parfitt, Elizabeth (i62), b.1824-d.1905
Parfitt, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Naylor) (i62), b.1824-d.1905
Parfitt, William Z. (i159), b.1799-
Parfitt, William Z. (marriage to Hannah Tomlinson) (i159), b.1799-


Parish, Robert (marriage to Mary Crispe) (i17528)
Parish, Robert (marriage to Mary Crispe) (i21408)


Parke, Anne (marriage to Edward Payson) (i20444)
Parke, Martha (marriage to Isaac Williams [Captain]) (i1480)
Parke, Theoda (marriage to Samuel Williams) (i1477)


Parker, Agneta (marriage to William Periam) (i7478)
Parker, Anne (i7290), b.1541-
Parker, Anne (marriage to William Periam) (i7290), b.1541-
Parker, Deborah (marriage to Elijah Cook) (i18161)
Parker, Desire (marriage to Ebenezer Lewis) (i13622)
Parker, Edward (John) (i4549), b.1620-d.1662
Parker, Edward (John) (marriage to Elizabeth Wood) (i4549), b.1620-d.1662
Parker, Eliab (marriage to Martha Andrews) (i2193), b.1731-
Parker, Eliphalet (marriage to Hannah Beach) (i4771)
Parker, Eliphalet (marriage to Hannah Beach) (i4772)
Parker, Elisha (marriage to Susanna Tuttle) (i2194), b.1715-
Parker, Elizabeth (marriage to Benjamin Clark) (i4052)
Parker, Elizabeth (marriage to Ebenezer Clark) (i4052)
Parker, Hananiah (marriage to Elizabeth Brown) (i13015)
Parker, Hannah (marriage to Robert Blood) (i14398)
Parker, Hannah (marriage to Thomas Eaton) (i16100)
Parker, Hannaniah (marriage to Elizabeth Brown) (i13014)
Parker, Hope (i4452), b.1650-d.1686
Parker, Hope (marriage to Samuel Cook) (i4452), b.1650-d.1686
Parker, John (i3571), b.1648-d.1711
Parker, John (i4552), d.1711
Parker, John (Edward) (i4755), b.1622-d.1662
Parker, John (marriage to Eunice Beach) (i4762)
Parker, John (marriage to Hannah Bassett) (i3571), b.1648-d.1711
Parker, Joseph (i4551), b.1647-d.1725
Parker, Joseph (i4555), b.1654-
Parker, Lydia (i4554), b.1652-d.1740
Parker, Mariah (marriage to Joseph Clark) (i4027)
Parker, Mary (i4553), b.1648-d.1725
Parker, Mary (marriage to John Hall) (i4553), b.1648-d.1725
Parker, Mary (marriage to John Hall) (i11200)
Parker, Mary (marriage to Joseph Clark) (i4026)
Parker, Mehitable (marriage to David Whitney) (i1262)
Parker, Moses (marriage to Abigail Hildreth) (i15271)
Parker, Mrs-William (marriage to William Parker) (i4753), b.1586-
Parker, Ralph (i4754), b.1620-d.1690
Parker, Ruth (marriage to Edmund Rice) (i19690)
Parker, Ruth (marriage to Edmund Rice) (i19732)
Parker, Ruth (marriage to James Guild) (i15450)
Parker, Ruth (marriage to Pelatiah Adams) (i15126)
Parker, Sarah (marriage to Benjamin Sabin) (i13942)
Parker, William (i4623), b.1614-d.1686
Parker, William (i4631), b.1645-d.1725


Parkhurst, Rachel (marriage to Abraham Gale) (i16662)


Parks, Hannah (marriage to Stephen Tucker) (i20483)
Parks, Richard (marriage to Martha Allen) (i4347)
Parks, Richard (marriage to Martha Allen) (i4348)


Parmenter, John (marriage to Elizabeth Cutler) (i19302)
Parmenter, John (marriage to Elizabeth Cutler) (i19300)


Parsons, Mary (marriage to Thomas Richards) (i10122)


Patience (marriage to David Bosworth) (i12256)
Patience (marriage to Henry Bishop) (i6917)
Patience (marriage to John Littlefield) (i19087)
Patience (marriage to Jonathan Bosworth) (i12249)
Patience (marriage to William Wilson) (i15274)
Patience A. (marriage to Albert C. Gage) (i25863), b.1827-


Pattee, Peter (marriage to Sarah Guile) (i15448)


Patterson, Edward (i18778), b.1601-d.1670
Patterson, Edward (marriage to Elizabeth) (i18778), b.1601-d.1670
Patterson, Elizabeth (i18754), b.1644-d.1727
Patterson, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Smith) (i18754), b.1644-d.1727


Paul, Abigail (marriage to Joseph Wood (Twin)) (i2040)


Payne, Abraham (i4365)
Payne, Ann (i4368), b.1697-d.1697
Payne, Ann (i4370), b.1700-
Payne, Anne (i2942), b.1587-
Payne, David (i4357), b.1721-d.1746
Payne, Deborah (i4375), b.1712-d.1798
Payne, Dorothy (i2949), b.1598-d.1650
Payne, Elizabeth (i2911), b.1647-
Payne, Elizabeth (i2914), b.1651-
Payne, Elizabeth (i18673), b.1677-d.1702
Payne, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Pardee) (i18673), b.1677-d.1702
Payne, Esther (i4363)
Payne, Frances (i2950), b.1600-d.1600
Payne, Hannah (i4371), b.1703-
Payne, Hannah (i4373), b.1708-d.1740
Payne, Hannah (marriage to Ephraim Tuttle) (i4373), b.1708-d.1740
Payne, Isaac (i4364)
Payne, Jane (i2946), b.1593-d.1594
Payne, Joanna (i4374), b.1710-
Payne, John (i2913), b.1649-d.1729
Payne, John (marriage to Abigail Brockett) (i2913), b.1649-d.1729
Payne, John (marriage to Mary Little) (i2913), b.1649-d.1729
Payne, Judith (i2943), b.1589-
Payne, Lydia (i4367)
Payne, Mary (i4366)
Payne, Mary (i4372), b.1705-d.1727
Payne, Nathaniel (i4369), b.1699-d.1766
Payne, Phebe (i4358), b.1724-d.1768
Payne, Phebe (marriage to Ebenezer Bradley) (i4358), b.1724-d.1768
Payne, Richard (i2948), b.1596-
Payne, Samuel (i4362), b.1733-d.1813
Payne, Sarah (marriage to John Yale) (i7407)
Payne, Susan (i2944), b.1590-d.1591
Payne, Susan (i2945), b.1592-
Payne, Thomas (i4359), b.1726-d.1769
Payne, Thomas (marriage to Elizabeth Wheeler) (i14191)
Payne, Timothy (i4361), b.1731-
Payne, William (i2907), b.1625-d.1683
Payne, William (i2937), b.1596-d.1660
Payne, William (i2939), b.1565-d.1648
Payne, William (i4355), b.1695-d.1784
Payne, William (i4360), b.1728-d.1805
Payne, William (marriage to Agnes (Ann) Neves) (i2939), b.1565-d.1648
Payne, William (marriage to Anna North) (i2937), b.1596-d.1660
Payne, William (marriage to Esther Carnes) (i4355), b.1695-d.1784
Payne, William (marriage to Mary) (i2907), b.1625-d.1683


Payson, (marriage to Edward Payson) (i20445)
Payson, Ann (i20339), b.1651-
Payson, Ann (i20367), b.1646-d.1650
Payson, Ann (marriage to Benjamin Tucker) (i20339), b.1651-
Payson, Edward (i20363), b.1613-d.1689
Payson, Edward (i20372), b.1657-d.1732
Payson, Edward (marriage to Mary Eliot) (i20363), b.1613-d.1689
Payson, Ephraim (i20373), b.1659-d.1732
Payson, Joanna (i20369), b.1649-d.1688
Payson, Johanna (i20368)
Payson, John (i20365), b.1643-d.1719
Payson, Jonathan (i20366), b.1644-d.1719
Payson, Mary (i20375), b.1665-d.1708
Payson, Samuel (i20374), b.1662-d.1721
Payson, Susanna (i20370), b.1653-d.1654
Payson, Susanna (i20371), b.1655-d.1737


Peacock, Deborah (marriage to James Clarke_(Clerke) [Jr]) (i4042)
Peacock, Mary (marriage to Benjamin Beach) (i9120)


Peake, Jonathan (marriage to Sarah French) (i17962)


Pearce, Joan (i7277), b.1539-d.1597
Pearce, Joan (marriage to Giles Gilbert) (i7277), b.1539-d.1597


Pease, Isaac (marriage to Mindwell Osborn) (i6155)


Peaslee, Jane (marriage to John Davis) (i15465)
Peaslee, Jane OR Jean (marriage to James Davis [Jr]) (i15466)


Peasley, Jane (marriage to James Davis [Jr]) (i15467)


Peat, Benjamin (marriage to Phoebe Butler) (i5507)


Peck, (i10870), b.1664-d.1695
Peck, (i10871), b.1666-
Peck, Abigail (i8935), b.1682-d.1741
Peck, Ann (i8513), b.1665-d.1718
Peck, Anna (i2622), b.1657-d.1718
Peck, Anna (i7406), b.1684-d.1716
Peck, Anna (marriage to Nathaniel Yale) (i7406), b.1684-d.1716
Peck, Anna (marriage to Thomas Stanley) (i2621)
Peck, Anna (marriage to Thomas Stanley) (i2622), b.1657-d.1718
Peck, Anne (i8929), b.1648-
Peck, Caleb (i8512), b.1663-d.1725
Peck, Eleasor (marriage to Elizabeth Ford) (i3028)
Peck, Eleazer (marriage to Elizabeth Ford) (i3029)
Peck, Elizabeth (i4877), b.1673-
Peck, Elizabeth (i8533), b.1629-
Peck, Elizabeth (i8536), b.1643-d.1683
Peck, Elizabeth (i8930), b.1668-d.1668
Peck, Elizabeth (i10863), b.1643-d.1704
Peck, Elizabeth (marriage to John Merriman) (i4877), b.1673-
Peck, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel Abernathe) (i4316)
Peck, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel Abernathe) (i4317)
Peck, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel Merriman) (i4883)
Peck, Hannah (i10867), b.1655-d.1689
Peck, Israel (marriage to Bethia Bosworth) (i12269)
Peck, Israel (marriage to Bethia Bosworth) (i12270)
Peck, Jeremiah (i8514), b.1667-d.1752
Peck, Jeremiah (marriage to Rachel Richards) (i8514), b.1667-d.1752
Peck, Jeremiah (marriage to Rachel Richards) (i10064)
Peck, Jeremiah, Reverend (i8507), b.1623-d.1699
Peck, Jeremiah, Reverend (marriage to Joanna (Johanna) Kitchell) (i8507), b.1623-d.1699
Peck, John (i8531), b.1625-
Peck, John (i8534), d.1724
Peck, John (i8931), b.1670-d.1670
Peck, John (i9131), b.1645-
Peck, John (marriage to Mary Moss) (i9131), b.1645-
Peck, John (marriage to Mary Moss) (i8534), d.1724
Peck, John (marriage to Mercy Moss) (i8534), d.1724
Peck, John, II (i7412), b.1671-d.1768
Peck, John, II (marriage to Susanna Street) (i7412), b.1671-d.1768
Peck, Jonathan (marriage to Thankful Benham) (i4789)
Peck, Joseph (i8532), b.1627-
Peck, Joseph (i8535), b.1640-d.1694
Peck, Joseph (i10869), b.1650-d.1698
Peck, Joseph (marriage to Mary Richards) (i10119)
Peck, Joseph (marriage to Mary Richards) (i10121)
Peck, Joshua (i8515), b.1673-d.1736
Peck, Leah (marriage to Benjamin Bissell) (i6146)
Peck, Lydia (i8933), b.1677-
Peck, Martha (i10862), b.1641-d.1708
Peck, Mary (i2171), b.1650-d.1752
Peck, Mary (i4336), b.1666-d.1710
Peck, Mary (marriage to Daniel (Andrus) Andrews) (i2171), b.1650-d.1752
Peck, Mary (marriage to Ebenezer Clark) (i4056)
Peck, Mary (marriage to John Doolittle) (i4336), b.1666-d.1710
Peck, Mary (marriage to Samuel Doolittle) (i11140)
Peck, Mary (marriage to Timothy Tuttle) (i9069)
Peck, Mary (marriage to William Abernithy Jr.) (i4312)
Peck, Mrs. Elisabeth (marriage to Samuel Peck) (i11280)
Peck, Nathaniel (marriage to Deliverence Bosworth) (i12274)
Peck, Nicholas (marriage to Rebecca Bosworth) (i12267)
Peck, Paul (i10859), b.1608-d.1695
Peck, Paul (i10861), b.1639-d.1725
Peck, Paul (marriage to Martha (Hannah) Hale) (i10859), b.1608-d.1695
Peck, Ruth (i4802), b.1660-d.1686
Peck, Ruth (i6820), b.1661-d.1726
Peck, Ruth (i8934), b.1679-d.1738
Peck, Ruth (marriage to Jonathon Atwater) (i6820), b.1661-d.1726
Peck, Ruth (marriage to Thomas Beach) (i4802), b.1660-d.1686
Peck, Samuel (i8510), b.1659-d.1746
Peck, Samuel (i10865), b.1647-d.1694
Peck, Sarah (i4055), b.1656-d.1696
Peck, Sarah (marriage to Daniel Moss) (i9178)
Peck, Sarah (marriage to Ebenezer Clark) (i4055), b.1656-d.1696
Peck, Sarah (marriage to Joseph Moss) (i9177)
Peck, William (i8529), b.1601-d.1694
Peck, William (i8559), b.1588-
Peck, William (marriage to Elizabeth) (i8529), b.1601-d.1694
Peck, William (marriage to Unkn) (i8559), b.1588-


Peirce, Hester (i16296), b.1612-d.1694
Peirce, Hester (marriage to Joseph Morse) (i16296), b.1612-d.1694


Pendleton, Hannah (marriage to Joseph Waters) (i17578)


Penelope (marriage to Robert Cook(E)) (i18235)


Penfield, Jonathan (marriage to Mary Cook) (i4833)


Penniman, James (marriage to Lydia Eliot) (i20476)


Pennington, Ephriam (marriage to Mary Brockett) (i10089)
Pennington, Ephriam (marriage to Mary Brockett) (i10090)


Pensfield, Jonathan (marriage to Mary Cook) (i4832)


Perdney, John (marriage to Judith Cook) (i4894)


Periam, Mary (i7223), b.1567-d.1605
Periam, Mary (marriage to William Poole [Sir]) (i7223), b.1567-d.1605
Periam, William (i7289), b.1534-d.1604
Periam, William (marriage to Anne Parker) (i7289), b.1534-d.1604


Perkins, Elisha (marriage to Mehitable Merriam) (i10634), b.1748-
Perkins, Elizabeth (marriage to John Ramsdell) (i14512), b.1643-


Perriman, Frances (marriage to Richard Cutter) (i1329)


Pettee, Carrie E. (marriage to Henry S. Hildreth) (i10944), b.1827-


Pettibone, John (marriage to Sarah Eggleston) (i6181)
Pettibone, Judith (marriage to Joel Walter) (i4001), b.1741-d.1768


Phebe (marriage to Stephen Hurlbut) (i6521)
Phila (i14052), b.1790-


Philbrick, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Chase) (i16050), b.1620-d.1677


Philips, Elizabeth (marriage to Edward Payson) (i20449)
Philips, Mary (marriage to Samuel Payson) (i20452)


Phillips, Richard (marriage to Margaret Howland) (i11632)


Phippen, Rebecca (marriage to Samuel Baldwin) (i7856)
Phippen, Sarah (marriage to Nathaniel Baldwin) (i7851)


Phoebe (marriage to Obadiah Wilcox) (i7903)
Phoebe (marriage to Samuel Harrison) (i11139), b.1755-


Picke, Margaret (i6625), b.1598-
Picke, Margaret (marriage to Richard Harrison) (i6625), b.1598-


Pickett, Rebecca (marriage to Andrew Messenger) (i10698)


Pickworth, Hannah (marriage to John Kilham) (i12994)
Pickworth, Hannah (marriage to John Kilham) (i12993)


Pidge, Mary (marriage to Nicholas Wood) (i17991)
Pidge, Mary (marriage to Nicholas Wood) (i17987)


Pierce, Abigail (i16249), b.1682-
Pierce, Abigail F. (i372), b.1824-
Pierce, Abijah (i9334), b.1765-
Pierce, Abijah (i28265), b.1727-d.1800
Pierce, Adeline L. (i14932), b.1830-
Pierce, Almira (i28214), b.1811-d.1812
Pierce, Anthony (i16261), b.1611-d.1678
Pierce, Anthony (marriage to Anne) (i16261), b.1611-d.1678
Pierce, Azuba (i9116), b.1762-
Pierce, B. Franklin (i28209), b.1803-
Pierce, Benjamin (i16245), b.1668-
Pierce, Benjamin (i16251), b.1686-d.1723
Pierce, Benjamin (i16267), b.1649-
Pierce, Byfield (i9228), b.1764-
Pierce, Daniel (i16240), b.1639-d.1723
Pierce, Daniel (i16243), b.1666-
Pierce, Daniel (marriage to Elizabeth Shedd) (i16240), b.1639-d.1723
Pierce, Deborah (marriage to James Wilson) (i15294)
Pierce, Elizabeth (i16232), b.1703-
Pierce, Elizabeth (i16242), b.1665-d.1737
Pierce, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel Wilson) (i15289)
Pierce, Ephraim (i16246), b.1673-
Pierce, Ephraim (i28266), b.1729-
Pierce, Eunice (i16235), b.1708-d.1793
Pierce, Eunice A. (i14989), b.1820-
Pierce, George L. (i14931), b.1836-
Pierce, George W. (i28215), b.1815-
Pierce, Grace (i16236), b.1711-d.1747
Pierce, Hannah (i8765), b.1770-
Pierce, Hannah (i16250), b.1684-
Pierce, Harriet Maria (i126), b.1833-d.1883
Pierce, Harriet Maria (marriage to Emery Augustus Wilder) (i126), b.1833-d.1883
Pierce, Harvey (i28207), b.1794-d.1863
Pierce, Horace (i28206), b.1792-
Pierce, Isaac (i15160), b.1700-d.1773
Pierce, Isaac (i28269), b.1738-
Pierce, Isaac (marriage to Susanna Bemis) (i15160), b.1700-d.1773
Pierce, Jervis (i9648), b.1771-
Pierce, Joel (i15523), b.1767-
Pierce, Joel (i28210), b.1805-d.1869
Pierce, Joel (marriage to Lucy Davis) (i15523), b.1767-
Pierce, John (i16244), b.1668-
Pierce, John (i16498), b.1745-
Pierce, John B., Capt. (i127), b.1800-d.1849
Pierce, John B., Capt. (marriage to Harriet Moore) (i127), b.1800-d.1849
Pierce, John C. (i14982), b.1827-
Pierce, Jonathan (marriage to Hannah Wilson) (i15301)
Pierce, Joseph (i1302), b.1676-d.1747
Pierce, Joseph (i9599), b.1757-
Pierce, Joseph (i16265), b.1643-
Pierce, Joseph (i16266), b.1647-d.1713
Pierce, Joseph (i28264), b.1724-
Pierce, Joseph (marriage to Mary Warren) (i1302), b.1676-d.1747
Pierce, Josiah (i9642), b.1752-
Pierce, Josiah (i15587), b.1723-d.1807
Pierce, Josiah (i16247), b.1675-
Pierce, Josiah (i16248), b.1678-
Pierce, Josiah (marriage to Sarah Gale) (i15587), b.1723-d.1807
Pierce, Judith (i16268), b.1650-
Pierce, Levi (i10043), b.1761-
Pierce, Lois (i16238), b.1715-
Pierce, Louisa (i28211), b.1807-
Pierce, Lucy (i28212), b.1809-
Pierce, Lucy A. (i14930), b.1840-
Pierce, Lydia (i16234), b.1706-
Pierce, Lydia (i16397), b.1759-d.1838
Pierce, Margery (i13211), b.1599-d.1662
Pierce, Margery (marriage to Anthony Eames [Captain]) (i13211), b.1599-d.1662
Pierce, Martha (i16264), b.1641-
Pierce, Martha (i28213), b.1801-d.1802
Pierce, Mary (i9641), b.1754-d.1754
Pierce, Mary (i16231), b.1702-
Pierce, Mary (i16252), b.1686-
Pierce, Mary (i16263), b.1633-d.1701
Pierce, Mary (i28268), b.1735-
Pierce, Michael (marriage to Persis Eames) (i13424)
Pierce, Molly (i9571), b.1755-
Pierce, Mrs. Sarah (marriage to Anthony Pierce) (i16424)
Pierce, Nabby (i28208), b.1797-
Pierce, Oliver (i9079), b.1746-
Pierce, Prudence (i16237), b.1713-
Pierce, Ruhaman (i16239), b.1717-
Pierce, Sarah (i9650), b.1750-
Pierce, Sarah (i16233), b.1705-
Pierce, Sarah (marriage to John Thurston) (i17943)
Pierce, Sarah OR Lucy (i210), b.1763-d.1852
Pierce, Sarah OR Lucy (marriage to Lotan Hildreth) (i210), b.1763-d.1852
Pierce, Susanna (i28267), b.1732-d.1773
Pierce, Susannah (i8751), b.1747-


Pierpoint, Mary (marriage to Lent Hough) (i7389)


Pierpont, Joseph (marriage to Lydia Bassett) (i3661), b.1735-


Pierson, Grace (marriage to Samuel Kitchell) (i8789)
Pierson, Susana (marriage to Jonathan Bell) (i4323)
Pierson, Susanna (marriage to Jonathan Bell) (i4324)
Pierson, Thomas (marriage to Maria Harrison) (i6863), b.1640-


Pike, Mary (marriage to Stephen Tucker) (i20484)
Pike, Priscilla (marriage to Ephraim Tucker) (i20421)


Pillsbury, Mose (marriage to Susannah Whipple) (i14751)


Pin, Catherine (marriage to George Wheeler) (i14224)


Pineo, Submit (marriage to Silas Newcomb) (i26855), b.1717-d.1802


Pinington, Margaret (i7001), b.1562-
Pinington, Margaret (marriage to George Withington) (i7001), b.1562-


Pinney, Abigail (i5138), b.1618-d.1677
Pinney, Abigail (marriage to John Moore) (i5138), b.1618-d.1677
Pinney, Samuel (marriage to Joyce Bissell) (i5546)
Pinney, Samuel (marriage to Joyce Bissell) (i5547)


Placy, John (marriage to Sarah Castle) (i16682)


Plaisted, Mehitable (marriage to Thomas Goodwin) (i20666)


Plant, John (marriage to Hannah Wheadon) (i3291)


Platt, (i15253), b.1583-
Platt, (marriage to Edward Henchmen) (i15253), b.1583-
Platt, Richard (i4473), b.1600-
Platt, Richard (marriage to Mary Wood) (i4941)
Platt, Sarah (i4438), b.1630-d.1670
Platt, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Beach) (i4438), b.1630-d.1670


Player_(Plyer), Simon (marriage to Drusilla Howse) (i11341)


Plimpton, John (i3092), b.1620-d.1676
Plimpton, John (i3096), b.1649-d.1703
Plimpton, John (i3108), b.1590-
Plimpton, John (marriage to Jane Dammin_or_Damman) (i3092), b.1620-d.1676
Plimpton, John (marriage to Mrs John Plimpton) (i3108), b.1590-
Plimpton, Mehitabel (i3100), b.1655-d.1725
Plimpton, Mrs John (i3109), b.1600-
Plimpton, Mrs John (marriage to John Plimpton) (i3109), b.1600-
Plimpton, Thomas (marriage to Abigail Noyes) (i19505)
Plimpton, Thomas (marriage to Abigail Noyes) (i19505)


Plympton, Eleazer (i3097), b.1652-
Plympton, Eleazer (i3102), b.1659-d.1660
Plympton, Eleazer (i3103), b.1661-
Plympton, Hannah (i3082), b.1645-d.1679
Plympton, Hannah (marriage to Nathaniel Sutcliffe) (i3082), b.1645-d.1679
Plympton, Henry (i3106), b.1666-d.1668
Plympton, Jane (i3105), b.1664-d.1664
Plympton, John (i3094), b.1646-d.1646
Plympton, Jonathan (i3101), b.1657-d.1675
Plympton, Joseph (i3099), b.1653-d.1702
Plympton, Leeda (i3104), b.1662-d.1662
Plympton, Mary (i3095), b.1648-d.1736
Plympton, Mehitable (i1494), b.1665-d.1725
Plympton, Peter (i3098), b.1652-d.1717


Pocake, John (marriage to Mary Cole) (i12037)


Pocke, (Pack) (marriage to William Peck) (i8797)


Pocoke, James (marriage to Mary Cole) (i12038)


Polly, Sarah (marriage to Benjamin Sabin) (i13941)


Poole, Ann (i7192), b.1589-d.1683
Poole, Ann (marriage to Nicholas Street [Rev.]) (i7192), b.1589-d.1683
Poole, Arthur, (Triplet) (i7232)
Poole, Eleanore (i7234)
Poole, Elizabeth (i7228), b.1589-d.1654
Poole, Francis, (Triplet) (i7233), b.1593-d.1627
Poole, Henry (i7229), b.1589-
Poole, John, [Sir] (i7224), b.1583-d.1667
Poole, Katherine (i7227)
Poole, Mary (i7226)
Poole, Periam (i7230)
Poole, William (i7287), b.1536-
Poole, William (marriage to Katherine Papham) (i7287), b.1536-
Poole, William, (Triplet)[Sir] (i7231), b.1593-d.1674
Poole, William, [Sir] (i7222), b.1561-d.1635
Poole, William, [Sir] (marriage to Mary Periam) (i7222), b.1561-d.1635


Poor, Walter (marriage to Elizabeth Lane) (i13648)


Pope, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Huckins) (i11565)
Pope, Thomas (marriage to Sarah Jenney) (i2074)


Popocke, John (marriage to Mary Cole) (i12036)


Porter, Benjamin (i14514), b.1691-d.1778
Porter, Benjamin (i14610), b.1639-d.1722
Porter, Elizabeth (i14513), b.1689-
Porter, Ellen (i18269), b.1855-d.1857
Porter, Florence Edith (i50), b.1852-d.1931
Porter, Florence Edith (marriage to Martin Luther Andrews) (i50), b.1852-d.1931
Porter, Frances Landuska (i18662), b.1847-
Porter, Guy B. (i18237), b.1850-
Porter, Hannah (i10262), b.1687-d.1787
Porter, Hannah (marriage to Thomas Kimball) (i10262), b.1687-d.1787
Porter, Hezekiah (i18033), b.1785-d.1843
Porter, Hezekiah (marriage to Rachel Pardee) (i18033), b.1785-d.1843
Porter, Israel (i14611), b.1643-d.1706
Porter, John (i14506), b.1658-d.1753
Porter, John (i14510), b.1683-d.1775
Porter, John (i14545), b.1664-
Porter, John (i14606), b.1596-d.1676
Porter, John (i14608), b.1635-d.1684
Porter, John (marriage to Joanna Gaylord) (i2612)
Porter, John (marriage to Lydia Herrick) (i14506), b.1658-d.1753
Porter, John (marriage to Mary) (i14606), b.1596-d.1676
Porter, Jonathan (i14515), b.1696-d.1759
Porter, Jonathan (i14613), b.1647-d.1676
Porter, Joseph (i14609), b.1638-d.1714
Porter, Lydia (i14508), b.1680-d.1740
Porter, Lydia (i14511), b.1685-d.1745
Porter, Lydia (i14521), b.1708-
Porter, Martha Gene (i18306), b.1860-
Porter, Mary (i14519), b.1700-d.1795
Porter, Mary (i14612), b.1645-d.1695
Porter, Mary Jane (i18723), b.1860-
Porter, Mehitable (i14517), b.1698-d.1786
Porter, Nathaniel (marriage to Elizabeth Baldwin) (i7853)
Porter, Nehemiah (i18257), b.1698-d.1784
Porter, Nehemiah (Twin) (i14516), b.1696-d.1788
Porter, Samuel (i96), b.1817-d.1880
Porter, Samuel (i14509), b.1681-d.1770
Porter, Samuel (i14543), b.1637-d.1660
Porter, Samuel (marriage to Hannah Dodge) (i14543), b.1637-d.1660
Porter, Samuel (marriage to Minerva Beach) (i96), b.1817-d.1880
Porter, Sarah (i14520), b.1706-d.1795
Porter, Sarah (i14614), b.1649-d.1731
Porter, Sarah (marriage to Abraham Andrews) (i10298)
Porter, Sarah (marriage to John Benedict) (i10683)
Porter, Sarah (marriage to John Benedict) (i10298)
Porter, Sarah (marriage to Nathaniel Beach) (i4805), b.1667-d.1738
Porter, Wales (i18666), b.1844-d.1938


Portise, Hannah (marriage to John Weld) (i17747)


Portland, Dorothy (marriage to Thomas Rowlandson) (i16223)


Post, Margaret (marriage to Caleb Abell) (i12053)
Post, Mrs. Mary (marriage to Obadiah Newcomb) (i12527)
Post, Sarah (marriage to John Hough) (i7068)


Poter, (marriage to Elizabeth Baldwin) (i7854)


Potter, (Mrs.) (i14641), b.1603-
Potter, (Mrs.) (marriage to Robert Potter) (i14641), b.1603-
Potter, Anthony (i10238), b.1627-d.1690
Potter, Anthony (i14539), b.1661-d.1756
Potter, Anthony (i14542), b.1667-d.1756
Potter, Anthony (marriage to Elizabeth Whipple) (i10238), b.1627-d.1690
Potter, Edmund (i14537), b.1654-d.1702
Potter, Elizabeth (i9949), b.1661-d.1723
Potter, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Kimball) (i9949), b.1661-d.1723
Potter, Elizabeth (marriage to Timothy Clark) (i4032)
Potter, Elizabeth (marriage to Timothy Clark) (i4033)
Potter, Elizabeth Wood OR (marriage to Edward (John) Parker) (i4901)
Potter, Elizabeth Wood OR (marriage to John (Edward) Parker) (i4901)
Potter, John (i14536), b.1652-d.1718
Potter, John (marriage to Elizabeth Wood) (i4902)
Potter, John (marriage to Hannah Cooper) (i3646)
Potter, John (marriage to Sarah Fellows) (i13031)
Potter, John, Dr. (marriage to Lydia Harrison) (i10626), b.1760-
Potter, Joseph (marriage to Phebe Ives) (i9507)
Potter, Joseph (marriage to Phebe Ives) (i9507)
Potter, Lydia (i14540), b.1661-d.1745
Potter, Robert (i14640), b.1600-
Potter, Robert (marriage to (Mrs.) Potter) (i14640), b.1600-
Potter, Samuel (i14538), b.1657-d.1714
Potter, Samuel (marriage to Abigail Hill) (i4038)
Potter, Sarah (marriage to Joshua Sawyer) (i17144)
Potter, Sarah (marriage to Robert Foote) (i19198)
Potter, Thomas (i14541), b.1664-d.1745
Potter, William (marriage to Elizabeth Wood) (i4903)


Powell, Hannah (marriage to Thomas Tuttle) (i4090), b.1641-d.1710
Powell, Priscilla (marriage to John Thompson) (i6781)


Powers, Jacob (marriage to Edith Adams) (i15119)
Powers, Jonathan (marriage to Hannah Moore) (i17097)


Powley, William (marriage to Mary Periam) (i7458)


Pratchett, Agnes (i14112), b.1564-
Pratchett, Agnes (marriage to John Breed_(Bread)) (i14112), b.1564-


Pratt, (marriage to Anna Barker) (i2052)
Pratt, Alvan (i131), b.1754-d.1831
Pratt, Alvan (marriage to Elizabeth (Betty) Whitney) (i131), b.1754-d.1831
Pratt, Alvan, Jr. (i28843), b.1797-d.1797
Pratt, Amos (i12646), b.1699-d.1747
Pratt, Amos (i28846), b.1750-
Pratt, Amos (marriage to Ann Allen) (i12646), b.1699-d.1747
Pratt, Annis (i28854), b.1771-d.1795
Pratt, Asenath (i28848), b.1757-d.1757
Pratt, Bathsheba (marriage to Joshua Royce) (i4850)
Pratt, Betsey (i28841), b.1802-d.1835
Pratt, Betsy Ann (i18780), b.1816-
Pratt, Chester (i28837), b.1792-
Pratt, Clarissa (i18773), b.1822-
Pratt, Clark (i18813), b.1814-
Pratt, Clementine Mahala (i18677), b.1830-d.1831
Pratt, Dolphus (i28839), b.1794-d.1832
Pratt, Elizabeth (marriage to William Parker) (i4964)
Pratt, Elmer (i28838), b.1791-d.1841
Pratt, Emerson (i28851), b.1764-
Pratt, Harriet (i18779), b.1818-
Pratt, Isaac (i12515), b.1727-d.1817
Pratt, Isaac (marriage to Hepsibah Brown) (i12515), b.1727-d.1817
Pratt, John (i12619), b.1668-
Pratt, John (marriage to Anna Barker) (i2051)
Pratt, John (marriage to Elizabeth Moody) (i5568)
Pratt, John (marriage to Ruth) (i12619), b.1668-
Pratt, Juat (marriage to Elizabeth) (i13441)
Pratt, Julia (i28842), b.1804-d.1835
Pratt, Laura (Quinn) (i122), b.1820-d.1892
Pratt, Laura (Quinn) (marriage to Isreal Wood) (i122), b.1820-d.1892
Pratt, Linda (i28836), b.1789-
Pratt, Luther (i129), b.1785-d.1862
Pratt, Luther (marriage to Patty Miller) (i129), b.1785-d.1862
Pratt, Mahala (i18688), b.1828-d.1829
Pratt, Mary (marriage to Daniel Chase) (i15974)
Pratt, Michael (marriage to Mary (2) Gale) (i16669)
Pratt, Mr (marriage to Sarah (2) Gale) (i16670)
Pratt, Ruth (marriage to Wilterton OR Wolterton Merrill) (i6437), b.1680-
Pratt, Ruth (marriage to Wilterton OR Wolterton Merrill) (i6449)
Pratt, Samuel (i28847), b.1752-
Pratt, Sene (i28849), b.1759-
Pratt, Susanna (marriage to Daniel Merrill) (i6446)
Pratt, Susannah (marriage to Nathaniel Merrill) (i6443)
Pratt, Vashni (i28852), b.1768-
Pratt, Vienna (i28850), b.1762-


Prence, Jane (marriage to Mark Snow) (i14030)


Presbury, Nathaniel (marriage to Martha Collins) (i16215)


Prescott, Elizabeth (marriage to Eleazer Green) (i17531)
Prescott, John (marriage to Mary Haynes) (i19479)
Prescott, Mary (i16820), b.1630-d.1717
Prescott, Mary (marriage to James Sawyer) (i17146)
Prescott, Mary (marriage to Thomas Sawyer) (i16820), b.1630-d.1717
Prescott, Sarah Wheeler (marriage to Joseph Rice) (i16870), b.1637-d.1714


Pressey, Mary (marriage to John Kimball) (i14669)


Preston, Eliasaph (marriage to Elizabeth Beach) (i22440), b.1643-d.1705
Preston, Eliasaph (marriage to Rebecca Wilcoxson) (i7875)
Preston, Esther (marriage to James Benham) (i4871)
Preston, Mary (marriage to Caleb Merriman) (i4884)
Preston, Thankful (marriage to Ephraim Tuttle) (i9285), b.1735-


Price, Benjamin (marriage to Mary Sayre) (i6853)
Price, Daniel (marriage to Elizabeth Spining) (i4865)


Prichard, (marriage to Susanna Newcomb) (i12590)
Prichard, Alice (i3443), b.1624-d.1692
Prichard, Alice (marriage to William Bradley) (i3443), b.1624-d.1692
Prichard, Benjamin (i3505), b.1657-d.1743
Prichard, Joan (i3500), b.1626-d.1690
Prichard, Nathaniel (i3501), b.1629-d.1710
Prichard, Nathaniel (i3502), b.1629-d.1710
Prichard, Roger (i3498), b.1600-d.1670
Prichard, Roger (marriage to Frances) (i3498), b.1600-d.1670


Prichett, (marriage to Susanna Newcomb) (i12592)


Priest, Rachael (marriage to Hezekiah Whitcombe) (i17496)
Priest, Rachel (i15528), b.1720-
Priest, Rachel (marriage to Hezekiah Whitcomb) (i15528), b.1720-


Prindle, John (marriage to Mary Hull) (i18258), b.1665-
Prindle, Joseph (marriage to Mary Brown) (i18139), b.1664-
Prindle, Phoebe (marriage to Moses Frost) (i2973)


Prior, Humphrey (marriage to Ann Osborne) (i6160)
Prior, Hunphrey (marriage to Ann Osborne) (i6161)
Prior, Mary (marriage to John Hanmer) (i17170), b.1740-


Priscilla (i11133), b.1604-
Priscilla (Druscilla) (i8111), b.1562-d.1653
Priscilla (Druscilla) (marriage to Alexander Carpenter) (i8111), b.1562-d.1653
Priscilla (marriage to Ephraim Roper) (i19492)
Priscilla (marriage to John Ramsdell) (i11133), b.1604-


Pritchard, (marriage to Susanna Newcomb) (i12587)
Pritchard, Alice (i3503), b.1645-d.1691
Pritchard, Alice (marriage to William Bradley) (i3580)
Pritchard, Joan (i3504), b.1647-
Pritchard, Margaret (Margery) (marriage to William Parker) (i4624), b.1620-d.1680
Pritchard, Mr. (marriage to Susanna Newcomb) (i12589)


Pritchett, (marriage to Susanna Newcomb) (i12591)
Pritchett, Mr (marriage to Susanna Newcomb) (i12588)


Proctor, Agnes (marriage to Ebenezer Emery) (i20637)
Proctor, James (marriage to Hannah Wilson) (i15302)
Proctor, Sarah (marriage to John Dodge [Capt.]) (i14784)
Proctor, Sarah (marriage to John Dodge) (i14784)


Pruddem, Ann (marriage to Samuel Coley) (i14731)


Prudden, Ann (marriage to Samuel Coley) (i14729)
Prudden, Elizabeth (marriage to Roger Prichard) (i3637)


Pruden, Ann (marriage to Samuel Coley) (i14730)


Prudence (marriage to William Robinson) (i1322)


Pudney, John (marriage to Judith Cook) (i4893)


Pullen, Betsey (marriage to Isreal Wood) (i10938), b.1802-
Pullen, Marie (marriage to John Talcott) (i2817)


Punderson, Abigail (i6738), b.1671-
Punderson, Damaris (i6733), b.1719-d.1742
Punderson, Damaris (i6742), b.1680-d.1741
Punderson, David (i6744), b.1686-d.1731
Punderson, Ebenezer (i6729), b.1705-d.1764
Punderson, Ebenezer (i6746), b.1694-d.1702
Punderson, Elizabeth (i6736), b.1727-
Punderson, Esther (i6730), b.1711-d.1743
Punderson, Hannah (i6741), b.1679-d.1740
Punderson, Hannah (i6754), d.1715
Punderson, John (i6737), b.1644-d.1729
Punderson, John (i6739), b.1673-d.1739
Punderson, John (i6740), b.1673-d.1742
Punderson, John (i6752), b.1618-d.1680
Punderson, John (marriage to Damaris Atwater) (i6814)
Punderson, John (marriage to Damaris Atwater) (i6737), b.1644-d.1729
Punderson, John (marriage to Margaret) (i6752), b.1618-d.1680
Punderson, Lydia (i6720), b.1708-d.1802
Punderson, Lydia (marriage to Gideon Thompson [Deacon]) (i6720), b.1708-d.1802
Punderson, Mabel (i6734), b.1724-d.1724
Punderson, Mabel (i6735), b.1726-d.1765
Punderson, Mary (i6732), b.1716-d.1729
Punderson, Mary (i6743), b.1683-d.1713
Punderson, Samuel (i6745), b.1691-d.1731
Punderson, Thomas (i6728), b.1678-d.1742
Punderson, Thomas (i6731), b.1713-d.1781
Punderson, Thomas (marriage to Lydia Bradley) (i6728), b.1678-d.1742


Purchase, Aquilla (marriage to Ann Squire) (i1548)
Purchase, Hannah (marriage to James Blood) (i14401)


Purchis, Hannah (marriage to James Blood) (i14400)


Putman, Mary (marriage to Eleazer Whitcomb) (i17502)


Putnam, Elizabeth (marriage to John Porter) (i14650)
Putnam, Elizabeth (marriage to John Porter) (i14651)
Putnam, Jonathan (marriage to Lydia Potter) (i14688)
Putnam, Jonathan (marriage to Lydia Potter) (i14689)


Pyncheon, John, Jr. (marriage to Margaret Hubbard) (i8664), b.1645-d.1721

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