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Index T


Taggart, Jennet (marriage to John MacLachlan) (i16573), b.1720-


Tailer, Elizabeth (Nelson) (marriage to Nathaniel Hubbard) (i13846), b.1680-


Taintor, Michael (marriage to Mabel Olmstead) (i5521)


Talbot, Peter (marriage to Mary Goole) (i15139)


Talbott, George "Peter" (marriage to Mary Goole) (i15138)


Talcott, Anna (i2738), b.1600-d.1616
Talcott, Eggleston (i2739), b.1603-
Talcott, Eggleston (i2742), b.1609-
Talcott, Grace (i2736), b.1596-d.1616
Talcott, Grace (i2741), b.1608-
Talcott, John (i2732), b.1562-d.1604
Talcott, John (i2734), b.1592-d.1660
Talcott, John (marriage to Anne Skinner) (i2732), b.1562-d.1604
Talcott, Mary (i2735), b.1594-
Talcott, Mary (i2740), b.1606-
Talcott, Mary (i2743), d.1657
Talcott, Mary (marriage to Bygod (Beget) Eggleston) (i2743), d.1657
Talcott, Rachel (i2718), b.1602-d.1653
Talcott, Rachel (marriage to John Steele) (i2718), b.1602-d.1653
Talcott, Sarah (i2737), b.1600-d.1653
Talcott, Sarah (marriage to Bygod (Beget) Eggleston) (i6174)


Talmadge, Hannah Yale (marriage to Samuel Bishop) (i6797)


Talmage, Enos (marriage to Hannah Yale) (i7423)


Talman, Jabiah (marriage to Deborah Thurston) (i17985)
Talman, Jabish (marriage to Deborah Thurston) (i17986)


Tankard, Jane (i156), b.1718-
Tankard, Jane (marriage to John Bennett) (i156), b.1718-


Tapp, Ann (i7178), b.1617-d.1673
Tapp, Ann (marriage to William Gibbard) (i7178), b.1617-d.1673
Tapp, Ann Mrs (marriage to Edmund Tapp) (i7451)
Tapp, Edmund (i7209), b.1613-d.1653
Tapp, Edmund (i7211)
Tapp, Edmund (i7217)
Tapp, Edmund (i7262), b.1578-
Tapp, Edmund (marriage to Anne) (i7209), b.1613-d.1653
Tapp, Elizabeth (i7214), b.1616-
Tapp, Elizabeth (i7215), b.1619-d.1676
Tapp, Elizabeth (i7216), b.1622-
Tapp, Jane (i7218), b.1628-d.1703
Tapp, Jane (i7219), b.1627-d.1705
Tapp, Mary (i7213), b.1615-d.1669


Tappin, Mary (marriage to Daniel Barnes) (i10112)


Tarbel, Betsey (marriage to Cyrus C. Hildreth) (i11360), b.1825-


Tarbox, Nathaniel (marriage to Elizabeth Emery) (i20645)
Tarbox, Samuel (marriage to Mary Porter) (i14661)


Tavingston, Ann (marriage to Robert Bartlett) (i13435)


Taylor, Abigail (marriage to Moses Goodwin) (i20677)
Taylor, Addison (marriage to Laura Andrews) (i2201), b.1840-
Taylor, Ann (marriage to Richard Tuttle) (i4134)
Taylor, Elizabeth (marriage to Edmund Shaefe) (i8805)
Taylor, Elizabeth (marriage to Edmund Shaefe) (i8807)
Taylor, Joanna (marriage to Ephraim Bissell) (i5464)
Taylor, Johanna (marriage to Ephraim Bissell) (i5463)
Taylor, Nathaniel (marriage to Abigail Bissell) (i5455)
Taylor, Rhoda (marriage to Samuel Davis) (i14391)
Taylor, Ruth (marriage to Samuel Davis) (i14390)
Taylor, Sarah (marriage to Benjamin Porter) (i14656)
Taylor, Sarah (marriage to Edward Adams) (i1451)
Taylor, William (marriage to Mary Merriam) (i14185)


Teall, Rachel (i14523), b.1703-d.1745
Teall, Rachel (marriage to Joseph Ramsdell) (i14523), b.1703-d.1745
Teall, William (i14522), b.1660-d.1715
Teall, William (marriage to Mary Coggen) (i14522), b.1660-d.1715


Templeton, Isabella (i43), b.1845-d.1907
Templeton, Isabella (marriage to William Templeton) (i43), b.1845-d.1907
Templeton, James (i22), b.1874-d.1946
Templeton, James (marriage to Marguritha Lillian Maria Johnson) (i22), b.1874-d.1946
Templeton, Lillian Marguritha Johnson (i11), b.1907-d.1988
Templeton, Lillian Marguritha Johnson (marriage to Donald Augustus Wood) (i11), b.1907-d.1988
Templeton, Margaret Calton (i16275), b.1902-
Templeton, Marion Clara Olive (i16710), b.1916-d.1984
Templeton, Richard (i44), b.1820-
Templeton, Richard (marriage to Isabel Sibery) (i44), b.1820-
Templeton, Thomas (i46), b.1820-
Templeton, William (i42), b.1845-d.1909
Templeton, William (i16440), b.1899-d.1975
Templeton, William (marriage to Isabella Templeton) (i42), b.1845-d.1909


Terrel-Terrill, Aaron (marriage to Sarah Warner) (i10019)


Terry, Thomas (marriage to Mary Cooley) (i14665)
Terry, Thomas (marriage to Mary Cooly) (i14745)
Terry, Thomas (marriage to Mary Cooly) (i14665)


Tetley, Sarah (i145), b.1779-
Tetley, Sarah (marriage to William Merrill) (i145), b.1779-


Thacher, Bethia (marriage to Jabez Howland) (i11624)
Thacher, Bethia (marriage to Jabez Howland) (i11625)


Thacker, Bethia (marriage to Jabez Howland) (i11626)


Thaxter, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Thurston) (i17973)


Thayer, Agnes (i15542), b.1600-
Thayer, Alice (i15537), b.1593-
Thayer, Benjamin (i11069), b.1680-
Thayer, Benjamin (marriage to Sarah Heywood) (i11069), b.1680-
Thayer, Cicely (Sissilla) (i15368), b.1600-d.1673
Thayer, Cicely (Sissilla) (marriage to James Davis) (i15368), b.1600-d.1673
Thayer, Deborah (i17741), b.1628-d.1662
Thayer, Deborah (marriage to Nathaniel Littlefield) (i19051)
Thayer, Deborah (marriage to Thomas Faxon) (i17741), b.1628-d.1662
Thayer, Edward (i15538), b.1594-
Thayer, Evelyn (i15543), b.1601-
Thayer, Jane (i15535), b.1590-
Thayer, John (i15533), b.1563-d.1601
Thayer, John (i15536), b.1591-
Thayer, John (i15541), b.1598-
Thayer, John (marriage to Joan Lawrence) (i15533), b.1563-d.1601
Thayer, Judith (i15540), b.1597-
Thayer, Lydia (i11166), b.1709-
Thayer, Lydia (marriage to John Gage) (i11166), b.1709-
Thayer, Mary Alma (marriage to Briscoe Thomas Newcomb) (i28819)
Thayer, Sissilla (i15539), b.1595-d.1673


Thomas, Daniel (marriage to Eunice Brown) (i17673), b.1680-
Thomas, David (marriage to Abigail Wood) (i2042)
Thomas, Don (marriage to Dorcas Kimball) (i16021)
Thomas, Hannah (i4319), b.1734-
Thomas, Hannah (marriage to Simeon Mason) (i4319), b.1734-
Thomas, John (i11936), b.1708-
Thomas, John (marriage to Elizabeth Bosworth) (i12241)
Thomas, John (marriage to Lydia Parker) (i4909)
Thomas, John (marriage to Mary Bosworth) (i11936), b.1708-
Thomas, Martha (i83), b.1778-d.1867
Thomas, Martha (marriage to Luther Andrews) (i83), b.1778-d.1867
Thomas, Mary Jane (marriage to Samuel Rogers Newcomb) (i14992), b.1834-d.1871
Thomas, Richard (marriage to Mary Bosworth) (i12138), b.1705-
Thomas, Sereno F. (marriage to Eunice Fidelia Newcomb) (i16311), b.1821-
Thomas, Seth (marriage to Laura Andrews) (i2198), b.1785-d.1859
Thomas, Sible (marriage to Moses Tuttle) (i9076)


Thomas, SR (?) (marriage to Martha Whatlock) (i16125)
Thomasine(Tumsen (i11494), b.1625-


Thompson, (i6545), b.1667-
Thompson, (marriage to Elizabeth Mansfield) (i14895)
Thompson, Amos (i6533), b.1702-d.1795
Thompson, Anne (i6542), b.1659-d.1713
Thompson, Anne (i6548), b.1667-d.1691
Thompson, Anne (i6550), b.1669-d.1691
Thompson, Baby (i6544), b.1667-
Thompson, Child (i6546), b.1667-
Thompson, Chloe (i6719), b.1743-d.1814
Thompson, Chloe (marriage to Elisha Hurlbut) (i6719), b.1743-d.1814
Thompson, David (i6722), b.1731-d.1807
Thompson, Dorothy (i6859), b.1630-
Thompson, Dorothy (marriage to Thomas Harrison) (i6859), b.1630-
Thompson, Elisha (i6721), b.1729-d.1812
Thompson, Elizabeth (i3592), b.1657-d.1718
Thompson, Elizabeth (i5126), b.1596-d.1641
Thompson, Elizabeth (i10746), b.1710-
Thompson, Elizabeth (i10785), b.1687-
Thompson, Elizabeth (marriage to Benjamin Bradley) (i3592), b.1657-d.1718
Thompson, Elizabeth (marriage to John Bassett) (i3549)
Thompson, Elizabeth (marriage to John Bissell) (i5126), b.1596-d.1641
Thompson, Enos (i6538), b.1717-d.1806
Thompson, Gideon (i6725), b.1739-
Thompson, Gideon, [Deacon] (i6534), b.1704-d.1750
Thompson, Gideon, [Deacon] (marriage to Lydia Punderson) (i6534), b.1704-d.1750
Thompson, Hannah (i3589), b.1654-d.1718
Thompson, Hannah (i10750), b.1725-d.1790
Thompson, Hannah (i10782), b.1682-
Thompson, Hannah (i18724), b.1643-d.1712
Thompson, Hannah (marriage to Abraham Bradley) (i3589), b.1654-d.1718
Thompson, Hannah (marriage to Matthew Moulthrop) (i18724), b.1643-d.1712
Thompson, Hannah (marriage to Samuel Thorpe) (i3011)
Thompson, Hannah (Or Anne) (marriage to Abraham Bradley) (i3591)
Thompson, Harvey (i6549), b.1667-
Thompson, Hezekiah (marriage to Hannah Thompson) (i11138)
Thompson, James (i6532), b.1699-d.1737
Thompson, James (i6726), b.1741-d.1817
Thompson, James (i10780), b.1678-
Thompson, John (i6539), b.1641-d.1674
Thompson, John (i6541), b.1657-d.1711
Thompson, John (i6566), b.1589-d.1679
Thompson, John (i10784), b.1685-d.1763
Thompson, John (marriage to Anne Vicars) (i6539), b.1641-d.1674
Thompson, John (marriage to Dorothy Thompson) (i6627), b.1625-d.1655
Thompson, John (marriage to Elizabeth Lathrop) (i11174)
Thompson, John (marriage to Ellen Harrison) (i6539), b.1641-d.1674
Thompson, John (marriage to Hannah Wheadon) (i3409)
Thompson, John (marriage to Mrs. Elizabeth Emery) (i20651)
Thompson, John (marriage to Sarah Emery) (i20653)
Thompson, Joseph (i6543), b.1664-d.1711
Thompson, Joseph (i10744), b.1684-d.1756
Thompson, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Lathrop) (i11172)
Thompson, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Lathrop) (i6543), b.1664-d.1711
Thompson, Joseph (marriage to Elizabeth Lathrop) (i11171)
Thompson, Joseph (marriage to Hannah Clark) (i10744), b.1684-d.1756
Thompson, Joseph (marriage to Martha Barnes) (i10101)
Thompson, Joseph (marriage to Martha Barnes) (i10101)
Thompson, Judah (i6536), b.1711-d.1712
Thompson, Judah (i6537), b.1713-
Thompson, Kezia (i10751), b.1727-
Thompson, Keziah (i10783), b.1684-
Thompson, Lady (marriage to John Thompson) (i6776)
Thompson, Lois (i6727), b.1747-
Thompson, Lydia (i6592), b.1663-d.1689
Thompson, Lydia (i6724), b.1736-
Thompson, Lydia (marriage to John Meigs) (i8364)
Thompson, Margaret (marriage to Caleb Beach) (i22746)
Thompson, Mary (i3647), b.1652-d.1714
Thompson, Mary (i6547), b.1667-
Thompson, Mary (i6553), b.1678-
Thompson, Mary (marriage to John Cooper) (i3647), b.1652-d.1714
Thompson, Mary (marriage to John Hitchcock) (i10589)
Thompson, Mary (marriage to Samuel Clark) (i3647), b.1652-d.1714
Thompson, Mrs. Anthony (marriage to John Thompson) (i6809)
Thompson, Norman (marriage to Elizabeth Tomkins) (i6795)
Thompson, Phebe (i10749), b.1720-d.1735
Thompson, Phebe (i10781), b.1680-
Thompson, Rebeckah (i6535), b.1708-d.1738
Thompson, Samuel (i6531), b.1696-d.1768
Thompson, Samuel (i10747), b.1713-d.1796
Thompson, Samuel (i10779), b.1676-d.1739
Thompson, Samuel, [Captain] (i6529), b.1669-d.1749
Thompson, Samuel, [Captain] (marriage to Rebecca Bishop) (i6529), b.1669-d.1749
Thompson, Sarah (i6551), b.1671-d.1711
Thompson, Sarah (i6593), b.1667-d.1669
Thompson, Sarah (marriage to James Goodwin) (i20667)
Thompson, Stephen, [Deacon] (i6723), b.1734-d.1830
Thompson, Tamar (i10748), b.1715-d.1790
Thompson, Tamar (marriage to Caleb Doolittle) (i10748), b.1715-d.1790
Thompson, Thomas (marriage to Abigail Thorpe) (i3010)
Thompson, William (i6552), b.1674-d.1717
Thompson, William (i10831), b.1660-


Thompson_Tomson, (marriage to Elizabeth Mansfield) (i14894)


Thorp, Nathaniel (i2890), b.1637-d.1709
Thorp, Nathaniel (marriage to Mary Ford) (i2890), b.1637-d.1709
Thorp, Samuel (i2920), b.1646-d.1728


Thorpe, (i2895), b.1670-
Thorpe, Abigail (i2898), b.1676-d.1706
Thorpe, Eleazer (i2921), b.1649-d.1649
Thorpe, Elizabeth (i2899), b.1680-
Thorpe, Elizabeth (i2918), b.1643-
Thorpe, Elizabeth (marriage to Abraham Doolittle) (i4332)
Thorpe, Experience (marriage to Nathaniel Payne) (i4398)
Thorpe, Girl (i2897), b.1671-d.1671
Thorpe, Hannah (marriage to John Cook) (i4828)
Thorpe, John (i2917), b.1643-
Thorpe, John (i2919), b.1645-d.1720
Thorpe, Mary (i2859), b.1666-d.1725
Thorpe, Mary (i2893), b.1667-
Thorpe, Mary (marriage to Edward Fenn) (i2859), b.1666-d.1725
Thorpe, Miss (i2896), b.1671-d.1671
Thorpe, Nathaniel (i2892), b.1664-d.1737
Thorpe, Nathaniel (marriage to Elizabeth Little) (i2892), b.1664-d.1737
Thorpe, Rebecca (marriage to Thomas Warner) (i2327)
Thorpe, Samuel (i2900), b.1681-d.1764
Thorpe, Samuel (marriage to Ann Payne) (i4399)
Thorpe, William (i2894), b.1670-
Thorpe, William (i2901), b.1770-
Thorpe, William (i2915), b.1605-d.1679
Thorpe, William (marriage to Elizabeth) (i2915), b.1605-d.1679


Thurber, James (marriage to Elizabeth Toogood) (i12240)
Thurber, Mary (marriage to Oliver Mason) (i11946)


Thurston, (i17917), b.1594-
Thurston, (marriage to Grace Nutting) (i17917), b.1594-
Thurston, Benjamin (i17818), b.1680-d.1704
Thurston, Benjamine (i17837), b.1640-d.1678
Thurston, Bethia (i17815), b.1672-d.1744
Thurston, Daniel (i17840), b.1646-d.1683
Thurston, Daniel (i17841)
Thurston, Deborah (i17846), b.1652-
Thurston, Esther (i17816), b.1674-d.1755
Thurston, Hannah (i1493), b.1650-d.1690
Thurston, Hannah (i17814), b.1669-
Thurston, Hannah (marriage to Nicholas Olmstead Capt.) (i5515)
Thurston, John (i17811), b.1635-d.1712
Thurston, John (i17817), b.1677-d.1751
Thurston, John (i17833), b.1620-d.1685
Thurston, John (marriage to Mary Wood) (i17811), b.1635-d.1712
Thurston, John (marriage to Mrs. Margaret Thurston) (i17833), b.1620-d.1685
Thurston, Joseph (i17838), b.1640-
Thurston, Joseph (i17844), b.1649-d.1691
Thurston, Joseph (marriage to Mehitable Kimball) (i16032)
Thurston, Judith (i17843), b.1648-d.1726
Thurston, Mary (i17813), b.1665-d.1744
Thurston, Mary (i17839), b.1643-
Thurston, Mary (i17842), b.1646-
Thurston, Mehitable (i17799), b.1667-d.1749
Thurston, Mehitable (marriage to Eleizer Ellice) (i17799), b.1667-d.1749
Thurston, Mrs. Margaret (i17834), b.1605-d.1662
Thurston, Mrs. Margaret (marriage to John Thurston) (i17834), b.1605-d.1662
Thurston, Thomas (i17835), b.1633-d.1704
Thurston, Thomas (i17836), b.1637-


Thwing, Sally (marriage to Horace Pierce) (i28216), b.1792-


Tibbals, Hannah (marriage to Eliakim Cooley) (i14734)


Tibboles, Hanna (marriage to Eliakim Cooley) (i14735)


Tice, Dorcas (marriage to Calvin Weld Newcomb) (i16355), b.1822-


Tilden, (marriage to Lydia Bourne) (i12684)
Tilden, Mary (marriage to Anthony Sprague) (i13337)
Tilden, Nathaniel (marriage to Lydia Bourne) (i12683)
Tilden, Thomas (marriage to Elizabeth Bourne) (i12682)


Tilestone, Bathsheba (marriage to John Payson) (i20446)


Tilley, Elizabeth (i11498), b.1607-d.1687
Tilley, Elizabeth (marriage to John Howland) (i11498), b.1607-d.1687
Tilley, John (i11518), b.1571-d.1621
Tilley, John (i11521), b.1599-d.1636
Tilley, John (marriage to Joan Hurst) (i11518), b.1571-d.1621
Tilley, Robert (i11523), b.1604-
Tilley, Rose (i11520), b.1597-
Tilley, Rose (i11522), b.1601-
Tilley, Sarah (i2434), b.1614-
Tilley, Sarah (marriage to Henry Lynn) (i2434), b.1614-


Tillinghast, Lydia (marriage to Samuel Mason) (i11975)


Tillinghost, Lillis OR Hannah (marriage to Nathan Mason) (i11959)


Tilson, Joanna (marriage to David Wood) (i2120)
Tilson, Mary (marriage to James Cole_(Cobb) Jr.) (i12031)


Tinkham, John (marriage to Hannah Howland) (i11623)


Titcomb, Elizabeth (marriage to Samuel Bartlett) (i13385)


Titterton, Deborah (marriage to John Wilcoxson) (i7888)
Titterton, Johanna (marriage to John Wilcoxson) (i7885)


Titus, Sylvanius Daniel (marriage to Martha Almira Andrews) (i2202), b.1842-


Todd, Christopher (i3435), b.1617-d.1686
Todd, Christopher (marriage to Grace Middlebrook) (i3435), b.1617-d.1686
Todd, Christopher (marriage to Hannah Tuttle) (i4306)
Todd, Elizabeth (marriage to David Stone) (i20277)
Todd, Grace (i3440), b.1650-
Todd, Hannah (marriage to Freeman Upson) (i8566), b.1784-
Todd, John (i3437), b.1642-
Todd, Jonah (marriage to Hannah Clark) (i4029)
Todd, Lydia (marriage to Benjamin Doolittle) (i9089)
Todd, Mary (i3439), b.1647-d.1676
Todd, Mary (i3484)
Todd, Mary (marriage to Benjamin Cutler) (i19288)
Todd, Mary (marriage to Isaac Turner) (i3439), b.1647-d.1676
Todd, Mercy (i3411), b.1655-d.1717
Todd, Mercy (marriage to John Bassett) (i3411), b.1655-d.1717
Todd, Michael (i3441), b.1653-d.1713
Todd, Moses (marriage to Delight Upson) (i9474), b.1760-
Todd, Reuel (marriage to Lucinda Tuttle) (i14457), b.1775-
Todd, Samuel (i3438), b.1645-d.1714
Todd, Samuel (marriage to Mary Bradley) (i3438), b.1645-d.1714
Todd, William (i3482), b.1593-d.1617
Todd, William (marriage to Katherine Ward) (i3482), b.1593-d.1617


Tokefield, Jean (marriage to Robert Chase) (i16111)
Tokefield, Joan (marriage to Robert Chase) (i16112)


Tokkefield, Jean (marriage to Robert Chase) (i16113)


Tolles, Samuel (marriage to Almira Andrews) (i2200), b.1802-


Tolman, John (marriage to Elizabeth Collins) (i14916)
Tolman, Rebecca (marriage to James Tucker) (i20431)


Tomkins, Abigail (i6575), b.1655-
Tomkins, David (i6571), b.1647-d.1649
Tomkins, Elizabeth (i6555), b.1645-d.1703
Tomkins, Elizabeth (marriage to James Bishop [Lieut Gov Ct]) (i6555), b.1645-d.1703
Tomkins, Jonathan (i6569), b.1642-d.1690
Tomkins, Lydia (i6573), b.1649-
Tomkins, Mary (i6570), b.1643-
Tomkins, Micah (i6567), b.1615-d.1690
Tomkins, Micah (i6576), b.1659-
Tomkins, Micah (marriage to Mary) (i6567), b.1615-d.1690
Tomkins, Rebecca (i6574), b.1653-
Tomkins, Samuel (i6577), b.1661-
Tomkins, Seth (i6572), b.1649-


Tomlinson, Hannah (i160), b.1800-
Tomlinson, Hannah (marriage to William Z. Parfitt) (i160), b.1800-
Tomlinson, Mrs. Alice (marriage to John Birdseye) (i7911)


Toogood, Elizabeth (i12141), b.1682-
Toogood, Elizabeth (i12165), b.1660-
Toogood, Elizabeth (marriage to John Bosworth) (i12141), b.1682-
Toogood, Elizabeth (marriage to Nathaniel Toogood) (i12165), b.1660-
Toogood, Nathaniel (i12164), b.1656-
Toogood, Nathaniel (marriage to Elizabeth Toogood) (i12164), b.1656-


Torrey, Elizabeth (marriage to Mark Eames) (i13423)


Tosh, Mercy (marriage to John Mott) (i19070)
Tosh, Penelope (Niles) (marriage to Edward Mott) (i19075)
Tosh, Sarah (marriage to Nathaniel Mott) (i19068)


Towers, Mary (marriage to William Sprague) (i13362)


Towner, Benjamin (i2886), b.1688-d.1761
Towner, Hannah (i2888), b.1693-d.1759
Towner, John (i2884), b.1684-d.1742
Towner, Joseph (i2885), b.1686-d.1725
Towner, Richard (i2881), b.1650-d.1727
Towner, Richard (i2883), b.1680-d.1753
Towner, Richard (marriage to Mary) (i2881), b.1650-d.1727
Towner, Samuel (i2887), b.1691-d.1784
Towner, Samuel, Dr. (marriage to Sarah Upson) (i8731), b.1760-
Towner, Sarah (i2854), b.1684-d.1718
Towner, Sarah (marriage to Samuel Frost) (i2854), b.1684-d.1718
Towner, Thankful (i2889), d.1758


Townley, Mary (marriage to William Chase) (i16049)


Townsend, Hezekiah (i25955), b.1690-
Townsend, Hezekiah (marriage to Sarah) (i25955), b.1690-
Townsend, John (marriage to Mehitable Brown) (i13019)
Townsend, Mary (marriage to Joseph Rice) (i19696)
Townsend, Sarah (i25917), b.1717-d.1743
Townsend, Sarah (marriage to Oliver Wilder) (i25917), b.1717-d.1743


Tracy, Thomas (marriage to Martha Bourne) (i12674)
Tracy, Thomas (marriage to Mary Foote) (i12674)
Tracy, Thomas (marriage to Mary Foote) (i19195)
Tracy, Thomas (marriage to Mary Foote) (i19197)


Treadaway, Josiah (marriage to Sufferance Haynes) (i19499)


Treadway, Anna (i20109), b.1620-
Treadway, Anna (marriage to John Stone) (i20109), b.1620-
Treadway, Jonathan (marriage to Judith Thurston) (i17981)
Treadway, Nathaniel (marriage to Sufferance Haynes) (i19498)


Treat, Abigail (marriage to Samuel Beach) (i3587), b.1660-
Treat, Jemina (marriage to Simon Newcomb) (i12534)
Treat, Joanna (marriage to John Hollister) (i11322)
Treat, Robert (marriage to Jane Tapp) (i7454)


Trehearn, James (i102), b.1760-
Trehearn, James (marriage to Martha Barnes) (i102), b.1760-


Triphena (marriage to Andrew Lane) (i13662)


Trott, Elizabeth (marriage to Ebenezer Williams) (i14893)


Trowbridge, James (marriage to Margaret Atherton) (i18182)


True, Mary (marriage to Ephraim Eaton) (i16110)


Truesdale, Rebecca (marriage to John Harrison) (i10853), b.1678-d.1755


Trull, J (marriage to Sarah French) (i17959)
Trull, J. (marriage to Sarah French) (i17961)
Trull, John (marriage to Sarah French) (i17960)


Tryon, Annanias (marriage to Abigail Norton) (i2340)


Tucker, Ann (i20342), b.1673-
Tucker, Ann (i20406), b.1698-d.1707
Tucker, Anne (i20381), b.1606-
Tucker, Benjamin (i16715), b.1670-d.1740
Tucker, Benjamin (i20338), b.1646-d.1713
Tucker, Benjamin (i20407), b.1703-d.1761
Tucker, Benjamin (marriage to Ann Payson) (i20338), b.1646-d.1713
Tucker, Benjamin (marriage to Elisabeth Coe) (i16715), b.1670-d.1740
Tucker, Benjamin (marriage to Elizabeth Weld) (i17749)
Tucker, Eben (i20345), b.1679-
Tucker, Edward (i20347), b.1684-d.1753
Tucker, Elizabeth (i16398), b.1701-d.1784
Tucker, Elizabeth (i20349), b.1688-d.1753
Tucker, Elizabeth (i20356), b.1644-d.1701
Tucker, Elizabeth (i20379), b.1601-
Tucker, Elizabeth (marriage to Daniel Weld) (i16398), b.1701-d.1784
Tucker, Ephraim (i20344), b.1677-
Tucker, Ephraim (i20359), b.1653-d.1736
Tucker, Experience (i20358), b.1652-
Tucker, George (i20376), b.1592-d.1625
Tucker, George (marriage to Maria Darrett) (i20376), b.1592-d.1625
Tucker, Henry (i20384), b.1609-
Tucker, Henry (i20409), b.1708-
Tucker, Hester (i20385), b.1612-
Tucker, James (i20353), b.1640-d.1718
Tucker, John (i20378), b.1599-
Tucker, John (i20386), b.1616-d.1661
Tucker, Jonathan (i20343), b.1675-d.1750
Tucker, Joseph (i20348), b.1686-d.1753
Tucker, Joseph (i20355), b.1643-d.1682
Tucker, Juda (marriage to Edward Tucker) (i20424)
Tucker, Katherine (i20410), b.1711-
Tucker, Manassah (i20360), b.1654-d.1743
Tucker, Maria (i20380), b.1602-
Tucker, Martha (i20383), b.1608-
Tucker, Mary (i20341), b.1672-
Tucker, Mary (i20346), b.1682-
Tucker, Mary (i20362), b.1658-
Tucker, Rebecca (i20354), b.1640-d.1690
Tucker, Robert (i20350), b.1604-d.1682
Tucker, Robert (marriage to Elizabeth Allen) (i20350), b.1604-d.1682
Tucker, Samuel (i20411), b.1716-
Tucker, Sara (i20382), b.1607-
Tucker, Sarah (i20352), b.1639-d.1679
Tucker, Sarah (i20405), b.1696-
Tucker, Stephen (i20408), b.1706-d.1750


Tudor, Owen (marriage to Elizabeth Loomis) (i5607)
Tudor, Owen (marriage to Mary Loomis) (i5607)
Tudor, Owen (marriage to Mary Loomis) (i5610)


Tumblesome, John (marriage to Abigail Clark) (i18831), b.1775-


Tumblestone, Abigail, Mrs. (marriage to Joseph Clark Jr.) (i18536), b.1780-


Tupper, Rebecca (marriage to Samuel Wood) (i2035), b.1647-d.1718


Turbet, Nicholas (marriage to Elizabeth Spencer) (i20810)


Turner, Abigail (i7206), b.1635-d.1693
Turner, Elizabeth (marriage to Richard Wheeler) (i14230)
Turner, Hannah (i7207), b.1639-
Turner, Henry (marriage to Emily Naylor) (i27207), d.1923
Turner, Isaac (i3577), b.1640-d.1699
Turner, Isaac (marriage to Mary Todd) (i3577), b.1640-d.1699
Turner, John (marriage to Deborah Williams) (i1474)
Turner, John (marriage to Deborah Williams) (i1475)
Turner, John (marriage to Deborah Williams) (i1479)
Turner, John (marriage to Susannah Merrill) (i6451)
Turner, Joseph (marriage to Lydia Tuttle) (i4304)
Turner, Margaret (marriage to Henry Withington) (i7098)
Turner, Mary (i7167), b.1615-d.1704
Turner, Mary (marriage to Thomas Andrus) (i8496)
Turner, Mary (marriage to Thomas Yale SR) (i7167), b.1615-d.1704
Turner, Mrs (i7203), b.1600-
Turner, Mrs (marriage to Nathaniel Turner) (i7203), b.1600-
Turner, Nathaniel (i7202), b.1600-d.1646
Turner, Nathaniel (i7205), b.1627-d.1662
Turner, Nathaniel (marriage to Mrs Turner) (i7202), b.1600-d.1646
Turner, Rebecca (i7204), b.1624-d.1731
Turner, Sarah (marriage to John Plimpton) (i3303)
Turner, Sarah (marriage to John Plympton) (i3303)


Turney, Ann (marriage to Ephraim Wheeler) (i14231)
Turney, Joseph (marriage to Mary Bell) (i4326)


Tuthill, Henry (i3826), b.1580-d.1618
Tuthill, John (marriage to Sarah Frost) (i2997)


Tuttle, Aaron (i4219), b.1698-d.1765
Tuttle, Abel (i4223), b.1706-d.1766
Tuttle, Abigail (i3584), b.1749-
Tuttle, Abigail (i8888), b.1719-
Tuttle, Abigail (i8903), b.1692-d.1728
Tuttle, Abraham (i14458), b.1778-d.1867
Tuttle, Adeline (i9634), b.1814-
Tuttle, Andrew Hull (i9548), b.1775-
Tuttle, Anne (i3775), b.1633-d.1696
Tuttle, Anson (i9292), b.1781-d.1863
Tuttle, Ardelia Maria (i6190), b.1843-
Tuttle, Benjamin (i3733), b.1671-
Tuttle, Benjamin (i3784), b.1648-d.1677
Tuttle, Betsy Ann (i9483), b.1778-d.1864
Tuttle, Clotilda (i18738), b.1765-
Tuttle, Daniel (i4228), b.1722-d.1790
Tuttle, Daniel (i8899), b.1680-d.1747
Tuttle, Daniel, (Twin) (i3728), b.1664-d.1700
Tuttle, David (i3732), b.1668-d.1752
Tuttle, David (i3779), b.1639-d.1693
Tuttle, Dorothy (Dorothie) (i3827), b.1592-
Tuttle, Ebenezer (i4342), b.1737-
Tuttle, Ebenezer (i8882), b.1708-d.1736
Tuttle, Edmund (i9098), b.1764-d.1856
Tuttle, Edmund, M.D. (i9154), b.1734-d.1763
Tuttle, Edward H. (i9527), b.1819-
Tuttle, Eliada (i14467), b.1786-d.1870
Tuttle, Elizabeth (i3730), b.1666-d.1724
Tuttle, Elizabeth (i3782), b.1645-d.1679
Tuttle, Ephraim (i8883), b.1710-d.1773
Tuttle, Ephraim (i9104), b.1739-
Tuttle, Ephraim (marriage to Hannah Payne) (i8883), b.1710-d.1773
Tuttle, Esther (i9157), b.1736-
Tuttle, Esther (i9386), b.1792-d.1855
Tuttle, Eunice (marriage to Stephen Dickerman) (i8725)
Tuttle, Ezekiel (i4222), b.1704-d.1765
Tuttle, Frederick (i3726), b.1773-d.1789
Tuttle, Gaius (i9526), b.1786-d.1855
Tuttle, Gershom (i8885), b.1714-d.1788
Tuttle, Hannah (i3585), b.1748-
Tuttle, Hannah (i3693), b.1655-d.1708
Tuttle, Hannah (i3776), b.1633-d.1683
Tuttle, Hannah (i4227), b.1715-d.1782
Tuttle, Hannah (i8739), b.1787-d.1846
Tuttle, Hannah (i9105), b.1746-
Tuttle, Hannah (i14482), b.1781-d.1853
Tuttle, Hannah (marriage to Nathan Bradley_or_(Brau) (i3632)
Tuttle, Hannah (marriage to Samuel Clark) (i3693), b.1655-d.1708
Tuttle, Ichabod (i8894), b.1732-
Tuttle, Jacob (marriage to Abigail Clark) (i18892), b.1777-
Tuttle, James (i3734), b.1672-d.1683
Tuttle, James (i3737), b.1685-
Tuttle, Jemima (i4226), b.1712-d.1760
Tuttle, Joel (i104), b.1746-d.1826
Tuttle, Joel (marriage to Lydia Bradley) (i104), b.1746-d.1826
Tuttle, John (i3721), b.1631-d.1683
Tuttle, John (i3723), b.1657-d.1708
Tuttle, John (i3829), b.1596-
Tuttle, John (marriage to Catherine Lane) (i4059)
Tuttle, John (marriage to Catherine Lane) (i3721), b.1631-d.1683
Tuttle, John (marriage to Judith Chase) (i15986), b.1695-
Tuttle, Jonathan (i3778), b.1637-d.1676
Tuttle, Jonathan (i4232), b.1669-d.1700
Tuttle, Jonathan (marriage to Rebecca Bell) (i3778), b.1637-d.1676
Tuttle, Joseph (i3780), b.1640-d.1690
Tuttle, Lois (i14417), b.1794-
Tuttle, Lowly (i14462), b.1788-
Tuttle, Lucinda (i3724), b.1775-d.1843
Tuttle, Lucius (i115), b.1776-d.1865
Tuttle, Lucius (i4353), b.1805-d.1858
Tuttle, Lucius (marriage to Rebecca Harrison) (i115), b.1776-d.1865
Tuttle, Lucius, Captain (i3287), b.1749-d.1846
Tuttle, Lucius, Captain (marriage to Hannah Hull) (i3287), b.1749-d.1846
Tuttle, Lydia (i4225), b.1710-d.1782
Tuttle, Lydia (i14415), b.1791-d.1824
Tuttle, Marcus (i9213), b.1780-
Tuttle, Mark (i113), b.1803-d.1862
Tuttle, Mark (marriage to Martha Upson) (i113), b.1803-d.1862
Tuttle, Martha (marriage to Johnathin Atwater) (i8862)
Tuttle, Martha Ann (i52), b.1839-d.1907
Tuttle, Martha Ann (marriage to Ira Hotchkiss Hough) (i52), b.1839-d.1907
Tuttle, Mary (i4221), b.1702-d.1762
Tuttle, Mary (i4230), b.1666-
Tuttle, Mary (i8884), b.1712-d.1770
Tuttle, Mary (marriage to Ebenezer Frost) (i2999), b.1684-d.1733
Tuttle, Mary (marriage to John Punderson) (i6913), b.1693-d.1771
Tuttle, Mary (marriage to William Frederick) (i4230), b.1666-
Tuttle, Mary Ann (i3447), b.1754-
Tuttle, Mary, (Twin) (i3729), b.1664-
Tuttle, Mehitable (i8893), b.1730-
Tuttle, Mercy (i3785), b.1650-d.1691
Tuttle, Mercy (marriage to Samuel Brown) (i3785), b.1650-d.1691
Tuttle, Moses (i4220), b.1700-d.1779
Tuttle, Moses (i8890), b.1723-d.1809
Tuttle, Nathan (i3586), b.1744-d.1791
Tuttle, Nathaniel (i3786), b.1652-d.1721
Tuttle, Nathaniel (i4234), b.1675-d.1728
Tuttle, Nathaniel (marriage to Esther Doolittle) (i4234), b.1675-d.1728
Tuttle, Noah (i8979), b.1741-d.1742
Tuttle, Noah (i9102), b.1744-d.1828
Tuttle, Olive (i99), b.1783-
Tuttle, Olive (marriage to Harvey Bassett) (i99), b.1783-
Tuttle, Patience (i3583), b.1752-d.1829
Tuttle, Rachel (i8881), b.1707-d.1749
Tuttle, Rebecca (i4229), b.1664-
Tuttle, Rebecca (marriage to Lent Hough) (i7388)
Tuttle, Rebecca (marriage to Richard Shatswell) (i17780)
Tuttle, Rebecca M. (i9640), b.1812-
Tuttle, Richard (i3828), b.1593-d.1640
Tuttle, Rollin (i10084), b.1810-
Tuttle, Ruth (i9077), b.1762-
Tuttle, Samuel (i2995), b.1659-d.1733
Tuttle, Samuel (i8524), b.1828-d.1830
Tuttle, Samuel (marriage to Abigail Frost) (i2995), b.1659-d.1733
Tuttle, Samuel Benham (i10224), b.1807-
Tuttle, Samuel Mark (i8777), b.1832-
Tuttle, Sarah (i3727), b.1661-
Tuttle, Sarah (i3781), b.1642-d.1676
Tuttle, Sarah (i18451), b.1761-
Tuttle, Sarah M. (i8740), b.1820-
Tuttle, Simon (i3783), b.1647-d.1719
Tuttle, Simon (i3830), b.1596-d.1630
Tuttle, Simon (i4233), b.1671-d.1725
Tuttle, Simon (i8889), b.1721-
Tuttle, Simon (marriage to Abigail Beach) (i3783), b.1647-d.1719
Tuttle, Simon (marriage to Elizabeth Abernathy) (i4233), b.1671-d.1725
Tuttle, Simon (Symon) (i3824), b.1560-d.1630
Tuttle, Simon (Symon) (marriage to Isabel Wells) (i3824), b.1560-d.1630
Tuttle, Susanna (i3735), b.1673-d.1683
Tuttle, Susanna (i3736), b.1683-
Tuttle, Susanna (i4224), b.1708-d.1768
Tuttle, Thankful (i8891), b.1726-
Tuttle, Thankful (i8892), b.1726-d.1747
Tuttle, Thankful (i8897), b.1686-
Tuttle, Thankful (i9446), b.1752-
Tuttle, Thomas (i3777), b.1634-d.1710
Tuttle, Thomas (i3831), b.1600-d.1627
Tuttle, Timothy (i8879), b.1681-d.1756
Tuttle, Timothy (i8954), b.1745-
Tuttle, Timothy (i8978), b.1743-
Tuttle, Timothy (marriage to Thankful Doolittle) (i9071)
Tuttle, Timothy (marriage to Thankful Doolittle) (i8879), b.1681-d.1756
Tuttle, Timothy Johnson (i8887), b.1716-d.1760
Tuttle, William (i3445), b.1757-d.1817
Tuttle, William (i3773), b.1607-d.1673
Tuttle, William (i4215), b.1718-d.1790
Tuttle, William (i4217), b.1673-d.1727
Tuttle, William (i6799), b.1784-d.1822
Tuttle, William (marriage to Abigail Frederick) (i4215), b.1718-d.1790
Tuttle, William (marriage to Elizabeth Mathews) (i3773), b.1607-d.1673
Tuttle, William (marriage to Mary Abernathy) (i4217), b.1673-d.1727
Tuttle, William (marriage to Phebe Bradley) (i3445), b.1757-d.1817
Tuttle, William (marriage to Rebecca) (i4215), b.1718-d.1790
Tuttle, William P. (i9172), b.1826-d.1850
Tuttle, William P. (i9174), b.1824-d.1825


Tuttle_(Tuthill), John (i3832), b.1607-d.1656


Twiss, Thomas (marriage to Sarah Abernathe) (i4315)


Two_Others, (marriage to Jacob French) (i17968)


Tyler, Elizabeth (marriage to Richard Towner) (i3003)
Tyler, Esther (marriage to Moses Beach) (i22614), b.1695-d.1750
Tyler, Eunice (marriage to Caleb Beach) (i22745), d.1733
Tyler, John (marriage to Phebe Beach) (i16632), b.1710-
Tyler, Joseph (marriage to Mehitable Clark) (i4017)
Tyler, Lydia (marriage to Jonathan Porter) (i14657)
Tyler, Nathan (marriage to Rachel Tuttle) (i9072)
Tyler, Patience (marriage to Isaac Harrison [Ensign]) (i10842), b.1680-d.1762
Tyler, Phebe (marriage to Samuel Beach) (i4760)
Tyler, Phoebe (marriage to Samuel Beach) (i4759)
Tyler, Roger (marriage to Sarah Tuttle) (i4063)
Tyler, Sarah (marriage to Benjamin Porter) (i14655)
Tyler, Sarah (marriage to John Beach) (i4775)


Tynge, Edward (marriage to Mary Sayre) (i6873)


Tyron, Annanias (marriage to Abigail Norton) (i2341)

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