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Yale, (i7253), b.1612-
Yale, Abel (marriage to Esther Cook) (i9416)
Yale, Abigail (i7174), b.1660-d.1708
Yale, Ann (i7145), b.1705-
Yale, Ann (i7200), b.1615-d.1698
Yale, Catherine (i7053), b.1721-d.1767
Yale, Catherine (marriage to Joseph Hough) (i7053), b.1721-d.1767
Yale, David (i7199), b.1613-d.1690
Yale, David (i7242), b.1591-
Yale, David Lloyd (i7239), b.1558-d.1626
Yale, David Lloyd (marriage to Frances Lloyd) (i7239), b.1558-d.1626
Yale, Devereux (i7251), b.1609-
Yale, Elihu (i7144), b.1703-d.1745
Yale, Elihu (i7169), b.1648-
Yale, Elizabeth (i7154), b.1673-
Yale, Elizabeth (i7176), b.1667-d.1702
Yale, Elizabeth (i7201), b.1618-d.1625
Yale, Ellen (i7248), b.1599-
Yale, Elyse (i7252), b.1610-
Yale, Frances (i7250), b.1607-
Yale, George (i7241), b.1589-
Yale, Hannah (i6796), b.1662-d.1744
Yale, Hannah (i7152), b.1669-d.1743
Yale, Hannah (marriage to Samuel Bishop) (i6796), b.1662-d.1744
Yale, Hugh (i7244), b.1595-
Yale, John (i7158), b.1687-d.1782
Yale, John (i7168), b.1646-d.1711
Yale, John (i7243), b.1593-
Yale, Katherine (i7249), b.1605-
Yale, Martha (i7173), d.1670
Yale, Mary (i7149), b.1726-d.1743
Yale, Mary (i7157), b.1684-d.1703
Yale, Mary (i7170), b.1650-
Yale, Mary (marriage to Joseph Ives) (i7170), b.1650-
Yale, Mary (marriage to Joseph Ives) (i7170), b.1650-
Yale, Nathaniel (i7156), b.1681-d.1711
Yale, Nathaniel (i7172), b.1652-d.1730
Yale, Nathaniel (marriage to Anna Peck) (i7156), b.1681-d.1711
Yale, Rebecca (i7153), b.1671-
Yale, Richard (i7245), b.1595-
Yale, Samuel (i7146), b.1711-d.1754
Yale, Samuel (i7247), b.1598-
Yale, Sarah (i7148), b.1716-d.1784
Yale, Simon (i7246), b.1597-
Yale, Theophilus (i7142), b.1675-d.1760
Yale, Theophilus (i7147), b.1714-d.1759
Yale, Theophilus (marriage to Sarah Street) (i7142), b.1675-d.1760
Yale, Thomas (i4819), b.1678-d.1750
Yale, Thomas (i7197), b.1590-d.1619
Yale, Thomas (marriage to Anne Lloyd) (i7197), b.1590-d.1619
Yale, Thomas (marriage to Mary Benham) (i4818)
Yale, Thomas (marriage to Mary Benham) (i4819), b.1678-d.1750
Yale, Thomas, Jr. (i7150), b.1648-d.1736
Yale, Thomas, Jr. (marriage to Rebeccah Gibbard) (i7150), b.1648-d.1736
Yale, Thomas, SR (i7166), b.1616-d.1683
Yale, Thomas, SR (marriage to Mary Turner) (i7166), b.1616-d.1683


Yeardley, Edward (marriage to Dorothy Barker) (i20798)


Young, Mercy (marriage to Micajah Snow) (i14028)
Young, Miss (i5217), b.1588-
Young, Miss (marriage to Thomas Moore) (i5217), b.1588-
Young, Thomas (marriage to Sarah Frost) (i3013)


Youngman, Jonathan (marriage to Sarah Ramsdell) (i8734), b.1686-


Youngs, Thomas (marriage to Sarah Frost) (i2998)

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